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Exoplanet War

In Exoplanet War, you start your journey a small, non-developed colony on Planet Xenos which serves as your central base...needless to say this colony could do with some improvements.

Can you utilize your men and be the ruler of the planet?

In this FAQ section we will give you some general ideas on how to get further.

Energy (how to generate and what's the importance)

Energy is essential for the upkeep of all structures and units. When your energy level is insufficient to support a new structure or unit, you will not be allowed to build one.

Each species start with a Geothermal Power Plant. Other forms of power plants can be built when the main colony reaches a certain level.

The levels of each Energy Structure can be raised to increase production. In addition, each level of relevant research increases the output of that particular Energy Structure.

Energy is produced from these three Energy Structures: Geothermal Power Plant, Radiation Reactor and Xeno Assimilator.


Resources (Metal/Gem/Aqueous) are crucial for the construction of all structures and even in the production of units. You will not be allowed to construct a new structure produce a new unit when you do not have enough resources.

The levels and the amount of Resources Structures can be increased to raise the production rate. In addition, assigning Colony Commanders can provide a boost to the overall production rate of the colony.

Metal is the primary resource for the Gaians.

Gem is the primary resource for the Neckrons.

Aqueous is the primary resource for the Zubens.

Generally, try to keep your resource production as equal as possible for a more rounded colony development. Of course you will still need to focus on your primary resource according to your needs.

What is Xeno?

A very scarce resource only available in planet Xenos.

It is a very powerful matter that is used in energy generation. With the Xeno Assimilator you can use Xeno to provide a great source of energy for colony and military development. This is the major energy sources in the later of the game.

Research Point

In order to further improve your colony and military performance, technologies must be researched in the Research Lab. Research Points are used for researching those technologies.

Research Points are generated hourly in Research Lab with the assistance of Research Ships:

  • Colony generations: 10/hr
  • Research Ship generations: 2/hr per ship


Technologies are available in Research Lab for researching to improve your colony and military performance. There are two major types of technologies: Colony Researches and Overall Researches.

Colony Researches: These researches will affect the current colony where you have researched them. Separate researches have to be made if you own multiple colonies.

Overall Researches: These researches will affect all the colonies you own.

Exoplanet War Screenshots

Species Difference


The Gaians are never one to back down from a fight and their innovativeness, ingenuity and sheer determination have helped them survive even the deadliest of galactic battles.

With the key to reviving their home planet within mere touching distance under Xeno surface become a Gaian and help them secure Xeno and fulfill the ancient prophecy to become saviors of humanity!

Distinguishing Feature:

  • Possesses the most types of defensive units
  • Special defensive technology
  • Better defense boost with Commanders
  • Primary resource is Metal


The origins of these extremely advanced species are shrouded in mystery.

Wandering the Universe for thousands of years in search of the elusive element within Xenos they will stop at nothing in their dream to control the universe.

Join the Neckrons and turn that dream into a reality in your quest to become the supreme rulers of the Universe.

Distinguishing Feature:

  • Possesses most types of offensive units
  • Special offensive technology
  • Better attack boost with Commanders
  • Primary resource is Gem


Those lucky enough to survive encounters with the Zubens describe them as a savage, barbaric and uncivilized race. Zubens are the natives of Planet Xenos and will not let anything or anyone steal the precious element that resides deep within the surface of Xenos. Join the ranks and fight to the last to protect your planet!

Distinguishing Feature:

  • Relatively low energy consumption units
  • Special Resource Production technology
  • Better Resource Production boost with Commanders
  • Primary resource is Aqueous

Exoplanet War Screenshots

How to build units?

Units can be built in the following structures.

  • Infantries: Barracks (Gaians), Horde Port (Neckrons), Combat Hangar (Zubens)
  • Land Vehicles: Gaia Factory (Gaians), Hybrio Aptera (Neckrons), Warfare Bunker (Zubens)
  • Air Ships: Air Fleet Core (Gaians), Exos Spire (Neckrons), Aviation Hub (Zubens)

These structures can be unlocked by researching certain technologies in the Research Lab(s).



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