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Exclave Online

Exclave Online is played in a massive Persistent galaxy with nearly 140,000 capturable systems and over 365,000 resource nodes to collect from.

Its your job to capture as much territory as you can to expand your territories.

You can capture territories in any location you like, if you can get your fleets there.

Every system is different, providing a range of resource types of varying quality, explore the galaxy with you're advanced scout ships to locate the most lucrative systems before your enemies do.

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Each of your captured systems gather resources in real time, the better the quality the more you can gather.

Collect resources from your territories whenever you like, but beware that resources left ungathered can be stolen!

Gathered resource items can be constructed into new items such as Power Cores, Stealth Modules, Weapons Platforms.

Exclave Online Screenshots

Use your items to constructs new more powerful ships, space stations, Orbital defense Satellites.

In the Lab you can combine any item you have, resource, ships, technology, and create new items from them.

Gather new exotic items from the galaxy and improve your technology, boosting your ships Weapons, Armour, Speed!

There are over 200 different items to find, and use to destroy your enemies, with more being added all the time.

Exclave Online Screenshots

Find an unknown Lab recipe, or capture a unique location that spawns powerful rare items.
Play the Exclave Market to buy and sell items to other players.

Delve into the black market and purchase previously out of reach items that could turn the tide of battle.Play as one of the 4 colonies of Mankind, each with their preferred technology tree: Speed, Damage, Armour and EMP.

Each receiving a massive bonus, but not exclusively ruling out the other technologies.



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