Excalibur Online: Strategy Game Set in the Time of Arthur and Camelot

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Excalibur Online

Excalibur Online is a browser based free-to-play massively multiplayer online real time strategy (MMORTS) game. Set in post Roman Britain in the years just preceding the rise of King Arthur and Camelot, players in Excalibur Online must collect resources and quickly develop new technology in order to build up their cities, maintain powerful armies, and try to unify Britain under their own rule.

Of course thousands of other players have the same goal, so it's a never ending battle for resources and development. Players can enter into (and break) alliances with other players, get help from legendary heroes, and use magical special items to achieve their objectives.

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You are a landowner in 6th century Britain . Times are tough. The Roman legions have long since departed, and with them the rudiments of a stable society. The roads are in decay; courts, schools, and foreign trade are all in decline. Money is scarce, and none is being minted. In the absence of cash, you must gather your own resources in order to build up your holdings. And build you must, else your neighbors will try to take over your estates for themelves.

With peace and stability a thing of the past, who will step into the power vacuum, unite all Britons, and once again bring peace to the land? Prophesy speaks of a mighty sword, "Excalibur", and the worthy lord who weilds it shall rule over all Britain . Perhaps you are the worthy one! Of course, everyone owning a parcel of land, from the tiniest hog farm to the largest estates, thinks they are worthy to weild Excalibur, and will stop at nothing including (and especially) conquering their neighbors to prove it.

This is the world in which you live. Constant warfare is the rule. Are you the one who will unify the land and fulfil the prophesy? Now is your time to find out.

Excalibur Online Screenshots
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A beginning guide: Excalibur Online Guide: Quick Start Guide

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