Everlight Beta Review: Away with the Fairies

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Everlight is a 2.5d browser based MMORPG brought to us by KoramGame who are more than experienced with this kind of deal and have brought another fantasy world you can sink your teeth in too.

We'll start from the very basics; at character select you get to choose from 4 distinct classes; Warrior which is your typical Sword Shield arche-type, The Ranger who uses a bow as you would expect, The mage which is high AoE burst and The Prophet which is pretty much a mage support hybrid. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses and I took a liking to the ranger as my main as you are only allowed 2 character slots.

The game revolves around some light Mayan lore. Mayan prophecies say that the Earth has five destruction and resurrection cycles. Each cycle is called the "Period of the Sun", and when each cycle ends, a tragic orchestra of destruction unfolds. The fourth "Period of the Sun" speaks of the Atlantis civilization, or the Civilization of Light: an ancient kingdom where citizens lived in purity. A land without war, famine or plague. Atlantis flourished under her citizens of utmost integrity. Thus is Everlight; a realm where demi-gods and fairies exist; but let's talk game play.

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The game is paced very nicely for someone who is new to the genre or fancy's getting in to a new game as the levelling at the start is very easy as you can hit level 20 and learn the game in a matter of minutes; it teaches you every single aspect of the game through quests and rewards you for doing so, whether it's with armour or sometimes even Cash Shop items; After level 30 the game gets a little harder so those looking for more of a challenge or a grind will find it here, you will actually have to start thinking about the best path and quest choices for you will be however the tutorial earlier probably has filled you in enough to make the correct choices to level up fairly effectively. The game has a lot of fun and "instant-gratification" systems like the lottery that you can take part in every now and then for free items, Level up gifts and for beta they are giving away Diamonds which is the games Cash-Shop currency so you can really get a feel for what the game has to offer. Instances in this game have some cool little quirks about them such as having to solve puzzles to advance and you really get worthwhile loot from completing these.

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I think a main topic worth talking about would be the Auto-Assist function that will help you fight; if grinding and combat was never your thought at the click of the button if you are in the area, you will begin fighting according to the parameters set in the Auto-Assist options menu which is really cool if you want to be chatting while you level up, or you have to go AFK for a second to get the door or something like that.

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Everlight has quite a lot of features for the typical Browsed Based Game and is definitely addicting. I only expected to play for a day or so to review the game and figure out the games basics but I'm a little hooked with the daily rewards and the fact that the game doesn't hesitate to reward you for being an active player.

The game has many different rankings so whether you want to be the #1 in PvP or the top dungeon score, there are high scores and unique titles for these with nice backgrounds and flair so if you're competitive there is content to help feed your ego!

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Overall Everlight has a lot to offer and is definitely one of the better BBG's I've played in a while; as expected of KoramGame.

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