Eternal Saga Review: Open Beta First Impressions

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By Jodie McIntyre from

Eternal Saga just began Open beta and so I decided to give it a try. The first thing that I noticed in Eternal Saga is the cartoony graphics. They are so colorful and bright. Even during the quests when you need to kill monsters I literally feel bad because the monsters are so cute. The world is bright and dreamy and keeps you smiling throughout the entire process. The minute that I logged in I noticed the abundant amount of people that were in the world. The world was packed with players sometimes it was even hard to click on the NPC because there were so many people working on the same quests.

Eternal Saga Screenshot

The quest line at first was just running from NPC to NPC to get equipment and familiar yourself with the map. Then you began fighting the cute monsters and gaining experience. Within 3 hours of playing Eternal Saga I had hit level 37. I did not even realize it until I seen a quest that said level 35 and I thought why am I being given such a high quest. The one thing that I think needs to be implemented is a visible feature that you can see when your character actually levels up.

Eternal Saga Screenshot

My final thoughts for Eternal Saga are that the game itself has a very cartoony and colorful look to it. The game play is very tranquil and the transition for one quest to another is smooth. Whether you enjoy playing single player or multiplayer both are very enjoyable. There are plenty of players available to group up with or even join a guild if you want to socialize with other players. Enjoy playing solo than that is also very possible with Eternal Saga. R2Games makes this game the best of both worlds. I am looking forward to see what else R2Games has in store for the players of Eternal Saga. I would easily recommend this game to other players.

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