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Eternal Saga is an MMORPG where you explore new worlds, join up with friends to fight enemies, and build a unique and powerful set of skills as you save the world from a demon invasion. It's an MMORPG that runs entirely from your web browser, and is completely free to play.

6,000 years ago, 72 Pillars of Magic descended from the heavens and forever changed the world. Demonkind used these pillars to rise to power, and warred with humankind for control.

A Holy Alliance was formed to fight the invasion, but was unable to rid the world of the demon presence. For generations, no warrior was powerful enough to destroy the pillars, the source of their power…until now. Can you help restore peace and serenity to the world?

The game takes classic elements from others of its genre, but adds its own unique twists. Players start by creating a character and choosing a faction, and after being introduced to the main systems of the game, they'll choose from one of three classes: Warrior, Hunter, or Mage.

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Warrior: wields a sword, good at melee combat and defense. A strong, powerful class, warriors are a force to be reckoned with.

Mage: wields a staff, good at ranged combat magic attacks. Mages use their knowledge of the elements to wipe out those who would stand in their way.

Hunter: wields a bow,ranged combat with high critical damage. Hunters prefer to keep their enemies at a distance, utilize long range weapons and skills.

Daily Events

Star Shrine: appearances can be deceiving. Don't be fooled by the enemies here. Battle the cute yet deadly stars of Star Shrine, collect points, and earn the title of "Polaris".

Great Escort: players must protect the convoy on its journey from those who would do it harm. The higher the Convoy Quality is, the greater your rewards will be. Each quest must be completed within half an hour or it will fail. Hurry to escort your convoy to safety and be handsomely rewarded!

Demonhunt: a solo dungeon for Lvl. 35+ players. You may enter an unlimited number of times a day, and can collect special rewards for your first 10 attempts each day. Fight the demons and earn Wisdom, Silver, and various rare and useful items.

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Faction Wars: do or die! Players level 40+ can join a special PK Battle between three factions! Join a side and battle for victory! Players get points for killing players of the opposing factions, and the faction with the most points by the end of the event will be deemed the ultimate victor. Rewards include Honor and gift packs.

Guild Wars: bring honor to your guild! Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the number one player from each guild may enter the Guild Wars to show everyone who's boss! Players can earn points by collecting Emerald (5 points), Sapphire (50 points), and Amethyst (500 points) and delivering them to the Quartermaster to increase personal and guild points. Killing a player in another guild rewards 10 points, with higher combos offering more points. Killing an opposing guild's Guild Beast will steal 30% of that guild's points. Players whose total points are less than 50 by the end of the event will not be rewarded.

Single Player

Aquatic Treasures: avoid the enemy Blue Fugu and collect the sea creatures to stack up points and earn rewards, but be careful! As the levels are cleared, the sea creatures and Blue Fugu will increase in number. The dungeon will end when your life is 0, and when it's finished you can gain bonuses through the Lotto. Rewards include large amount of EXP, Silver, and Gold (Bound).

Fishing: Fish from the comfort of your home! Players level 40+ can go fishing daily from 17:00-17:30! Accumulate points for every fish you catch, the higher quality the fish the more points it's worth. The players with the greatest number of points receive the greatest rewards. Be quick to reel in the fish before they get away! Rewards can be collected as you meet certain point requirements.

Amour Shore: Enjoy the company of your friends with various ways to interact and relax as you amass tons of EXP and Wisdom! 6 Month VIP Members can even activate a special beach lounge chair!

Mounts and Pets

Whiz around the vast world of Eternal Saga on your first mount: a paper airplane. Feed it your old equipment and watch it grow in strength, or put your focus on finding newer, more powerful mounts.

Take your pet Urso along to help you fight against the other factions in PvE and PvP battles. Upgrade your pet's Aptitude to improve its base attribute values. Improving growth will add a percentage bonus to its attributes. Raise your pets well, and they'll fight faithfully by your side, giving your Battle Rating a boost as well.



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