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In Eternal Saga, a character's equipment greatly influences their battle rating. Enchant can greatly increase equipment base attributes, and the higher the enchant level, the higher the bonus.

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Open the Blacksmith panel, click the Enchant tab, and select the equipment you'd like to Enchant. Should failure occur, don't worry: your equipment will not be degraded by a failed enchant.

Eternal Saga Screenshot

From here choose either "Enchant" or "Auto-enchant". Equipment with lower enchant levels will enchant more easily than equipment that's been enchanted to high levels.

Equipment that can be Enchanted

Weapons, armors, accessories, clothing, and wings can all be enchanted.

Items and Materials Required

Enchant costs coins, and the higher the level your equipment has been enchanted, the more coins it will cost. The only other item required is an Enchant Stone, which can be found in the shop.

Enchant Level Cap

The enchant level cap is 100.

Additional Info

  • Attribute increases will be added to your character as soon as you've enchanted a piece of equipment, even if you're in the the midst of battle.
  • A failed enchant attempt won't decrease the enchant level of equipment.
  • Enchant will always succeed when the Quality rating is 100%.
  • Additional gem sockets will unlock in equipment when enchant level reaches 40, 60, and 80.
  • Equipment will become bound if using Enchant Stone (Bound).



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