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Eternal Saga is a stunning browser MMORPG. Demons have invaded and plan to unleash their destruction upon the world. The 72 Pillars of Magic have fallen into the hands of the demon kind and the Holy Alliance was unable to fight off the invasion, now it's up to you, to join the cause and help the power of good shine again. Join this immersive world full of real players from around the world, fighting for the same game and having fun along the way.

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Unlike other MMORPG games that charge subscription fees, Ether Saga Online will be Free-To-Play. Once inside the game world, players can earn and spend money to upgrade a large variety of items to enhance their game play experience.

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There are three races in Ether Saga Online. In terms of game play the three races all behave the same and can all play as any of the six Classes. They live harmoniously and without serious conflicts. This is because they all have different aims. Each race will have its own quests (in addition to shared ones) which will all be aimed at completing that race’s particular objective. In addition to these race dependant quests/goals is the shared ultimate goal of being selected to join the Mission West.

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Ether Saga Online (ESO) houses a unique pet system. When you start your journey, you will be given a pet according to your race. As you advance, you will be given the opportunity to capture, tame, and raise many different types of monsters. Monsters that can be tamed will be indicated by a marking on their name panel.




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