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Hi, guys, I am rapt in this new MMORPG - Eternal Dream. The gameplay is abundant and interesting. If you've never played a MMORPG before, relax, Eternal Dream is very easy to get started in and to have fun with. If you're a MMORPG fan, hope this guide will help you to speed quickly and give you a general idea of what to expect as you begin playing.
Primarily, you'll want to gain levels so you can improve your fighting, also because you need higher level to equip new gears and improve classes.

I upgraded to level 42 at the first day. The most noteworthy is that there is no tedious quest in this game. And there is big room for players to upgrade their heroes. EXP is mainly outputted from EXP Dungeon, EXP Box-unlock at level 35, EXP-Daily quests-unlock at level 35, Escort quest-unlock at level 30 and Dark Portal.

Some tips for level up:

1. If you are a new player of this game, please follow the newbie guide.
2. Do daily quests. Don't be lazy.
3. Bring a little panda to get 50% EXP Bonus more.
4. Use Double EXP Card; if you have no Double EXP Card, 1.5 EXP Card is OK. Usually, I use three EXP Cards every day, during this period, I'd like to kill monsters at Dark Portal and do trials at dungeons.
5. 19:30~20:30 every day is the double rewards time of escort quest. Remember to do the escort quest during this period or you will spend 10 Diamonds to get double rewards. What's more, using some vouchers to get full stars is a good choice.
6. Don't get stuck on a quest. It is best for you to move on to a zone that is appropriate for your level.
B.R. is a very important indicator for measuring a character. In this game, B.R. can be added through: gears, enhancement of gears, senior enhancement of gears, halidom, jewelries, mount, pet, riding level, charm level, skill level.
High level mounts and pets are rare. Weapons (main hands and off hands) and necklace add more B.R. than armors and rings. Riding level, charm level and skill level are major ways to add B.R. So, what we should pay more attention to are: weapons (main hands and off hands), enhancement of gears, necklace and halidom.

Some tips for adding B.R.:

1. It is better to get hands and off hands with Critical Strike property.
2. Max out your gears as much as you can afford. You should rarely have a piece of gear that is more than about 10 levels below you character.
3. You can enhance gears to +10 at first to achieve enhancement chain, and then enhance halidom, badge and medal when you have enough enhanced stone.
4. Equip Halidom II. Recommend you to buy from Auction House or exchange with your friends.

At last, following are some miscellaneous tips:
1. Join a team, then you can enjoy the pleasure of team PK which you can't get when you playing alone.
2. Get ready to donate to you guild, then you can get enough crystals to buy rare item at guild shop when you are badly in need of it.
3. Don't exchange those items you can get from other places easily at Exchange Shop. Gather more wealth to exchange those items that are hard to obtain.
4. There are many benefits to be a VIP. The privileges of a VIP make some things more convenient.
5. If you have lots of spare time, you can play several characters to earn enhanced stones and sell it at AH, it is always in great demand.
6. Treasure Mine is a good place to get some valuable items, like Advanced Riding Training Manual, Refined Enhanced Stone.



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