Eternal Chaos Online Beginners Guide

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Eternal Chaos Online is an amazing web game which use 3D scene and character. With history background which is connecting the heroes in the history, this game makes all players will do heroic action and fight the true evil. With taking every themes, going through every eras, this is a story about someone got trapped in the past. All the story is about the war between the time travel hero and the shadow . The player has to save the history through many time-travels, and get the evil go back where they belong, and find a way to go back to his/her own home.


Beginners Guide

Character Class
When all realms are in danger, in the middle of chaos between past and future, 3 kind of people who can use Chrono power and change it into a power is coming!.  They are Berserker, Assassin, and Mage. With every power they have, they are trying to bring peace to us!. Are you the choosen one of them?

Berserker—Pursue extreme strength, indulging in power
Berserker is keen on close-distance battle. He owns formidable power and excellent defense strength. They take giant swords as weapon and they are not scared of death, holding external faith of seeking for extreme power.

Some of his skill:

Earthquake, Arc Slash, Storm of Blade

Assassin—Expert in Skills, swift as wind
Assasssin is expert in speed and skills. Their attack could instantly tear the enemies up. The extreme pursue for skills makes them quite mature and calm, waiting in the dark for chances.

Some of his skill:

Fan Sword Shadow, Spin Attack, Phantom Swords

Mage—Communicate with all creatures, good at using elements
Mage seeks for enlightenment and they spend most time on elements, in attempt to play full use of it. They are expert in five elements, and extremely intelligent.

Some of his skills:

Magic Ripple, Whirlwind, Destructive Storm

VIP System
You can get many privilege by becoming VIP. You can claim double experience which you get when you offline. You can finish many quest/dungeon just by one click. You can open VIP Battlefield. VIP Battlefield is  a dungeon, after you defeat the boss you will get many rewards such as Purple weapon, Legion medal, Bound coins, and many more. The higher your VIP level, the more privilege you will get.

PVP System
Arena System
You can challenge other player every day in Arena. In this feature, all player are clashing in 1v1. The higher your level, the higher your prizes that you can get in Daily Arena Reward. Reward will be send on 00.00 Server Time, EVERY DAY!.

You can raise your level with challenge a Player with higher rank than you. If you can beat them, then their rank will be yours, but their rank will go down 1 level.

But if you challenge a player with rank lower than you, then nothing’s change if you beat them.

1 vs 1 Cross Server
You can join every day, but only first 10 game have scores and glory. The more scores you have. The higher level group you will be in, there are more battle achievement reward in high level groups, and the battle achievements could used to exchange reward. Matching the opponents according to the group a player is in and his/her winning rate after signing up.
 Every battle last 5 minutes. The success decided by both side’s HP and battle rating. After the battle, the scores will be calculated, and the three players who occupy the highest scores will acquire the super title. The title last until next 1 vs 1 battle. The scores will be cleared at the end of month.

3 vs 3 Cross Server
You can join every day, but only first 10 game have scores and glory. Form a team (3 players each team), then the leader needs to register to join battle. Match according to average score. defeat all the enemy team to win the battle. Some ability will be forbidden in this battle. Every player of the camp who wins the battle will get 100 scores, those who lose will lost 30 scores.
3 players with highest point will hold a cool mount skin until the next 3 vs 3 battle. Accumulated scores will be cleared at the end of the month. The top 3 players will get an exclusive time- limit mount. A large amount of bonus will be given according to the scores.

World Boss Wars
Cross-server Boss War is conducted three times a week. Only 10 Top player with the highest Battle Rating can join.

Basic Feature
Achievement System
Achievement, is in-game process record. Reaching achievement not only give you rewards, but also achievement points, value-added item reward, and character’s stats reward. Difficulty level will decide which achievement you get.
Achievement reflects player’s power, it also shows player’s growing experience. Player can compare achievements with other players.

Apennine System

Armor System
Armor can add many stat to your character. You can upgrade your armor using armor stone in certain number.  The higher your armor level, the more stats you will get.

Artifact System
If you want to survive in this chaotic universe, artifact is a necessary treasure. Having an artifact could add many stat to your character. When the artifact growth reach 100%, you can upgrade it. You can upgrade artifact skill by combat, when it reach highest level of experience, you can upgrade it using the artifact stone.
Artifact upgrade:Increase the proficiency of Artifact skill in the battles and when the proficiency gets enough, you can upgrade the Artifact with consumption of Artifact Upgrade Stones. (items consumed: Artifact Upgrade Stones, coins).

Artifact Levels:
Level 1: Dragon Blade – Evil;
Level 2: Sword of Courage – Glory;
Level 3: Sword of Destiny – Defiance;
Level 4: Mjolnir of Thor – Dawn;
Level 5: Shadow of Moon – Aurora;
Level 6: Trident of Poseidon – Tide;
Level 7: Dance of Ghost – Roar;
Level 8: Life Origin – Sympathy;
Level 9: Death Scythe – Nightmare;
Level 10: God’s Dusk – Imperial Fall.

You can put War Soul into your Artifact to give you more status depends with what status you want. There are 10 kind of War Soul with difference status and Symbol
Materials for upgrading artifact [Artifact Stones + Polish Stones (Normal, Fine, Advanced , Ultimate) can be obtained from Hero Guardian Challenge [See Hero Guardian guide].
Artifact Spirits: Can be obtained in 2 ways:
• Hunting Spirits with Coins: Single Coin Hunt(Spin costs 20.000 coins),
• Hunting Spirits with Gold: Batch Coin Hunt(20 times and costs 400.000 coins) and Single Gold Hunt(Spin cost 10 gold) or Batch Gold Hunt(20 times and costs 200 gold).
In every spin with gold or coin there are chances to gain advanced spirits like purple or orange spirits; Green and Blue spirits can be obtained every spin.

After hunting some Spirits you can choose a main spirit to level it and to absorb other spirits, Left click to a spirit, hold it and then drag it to other spirits, your spirits will absorb selected spirits and it will increase spirit’s level. When you are doing a Batch Coins or Gold hunt, there is Devour All option, where the system will choose a better spirit as Main, and other spirits will be absorbed.


IF in the selected Coin or Gold hunt is a purple soul dropped or orange, when pressing Devour All, the system will select as a main spirit the one that has the highest quality from them. Do not forget about Spirit Storage where you can storage any spirit you want, in total of 36 spirits.

Exchange Option: When you acquired enough Spirit Shards from Coin and Gold hunts, exchange them in Exchange option for a purple or orange Spirit Soul,
Decompose Option: allows players to decompose their purple/orange spirits in Spirit Shards.
Attendance System
Attendance is welfare feedback which given by The Eternal Chaos, You just have to log-in every day, and manual attendance, cumulative attendance reach certain number will gets you huge rewards. VIPs have more valuable rewards.

Reward
Sign-in reward is welfare feedback  which  is given by The Eternal Chaos . You just need to login in game every day, each login you can get huge rewards. You can claim 1x per-day in 7days.

You don’t have to login 7 days in a row. You can login whenever you  like until 7days. It guaranteed  every player can get rewards.

Beast System
After finishing the mainline tasks of lv11, players can get powerful beast; feed them by Beast Stones to increase the Beast Soul and attain attributes bonus. When the Beast Soul gets full, it can be upgraded to next level with more attributes. Powerful beast can also merge with his owner when accumulating enough Chrono energy. They are special Phantom because the contact with human triggers their emotion or interest to human and they would fight with you even to transfer their own power to you.

Earnings: Reach lv11 and finish the Main Quest → Beast Secret.
Feed: Use Beast Soul Stones to improve attributes. When Beast Soul becomes full, it can be upgraded. (Needed: Beast Gem).
Beast Gem: Materials needed to upgrade Beast, can be acquired mostly from Beast Den [See Beast Den Guide], various campaigns/events, Treasure Maps etc.
Beast can be divided into 10 kinds:Eagle-eye Guard, Rune Tooth, Ice Warwolf, Night Stalker, Blazing Giant, Thunder Marshal, Lord of Slaying, Lion in Mask, Soul Ripper and Destroyer.

Beast Equipments can be obtained from Recharge Events like Daily Fortune, Super Exchange, Daily Recharge and many more.
Beast Skills: Skills are passive and can be acquired when your Beast reaches a new level. A new upgrade or a new skill will be added.

• Spiritual Ball:cause 40% damage to the enemy with Cursed Illusory Spirit (open at lv1)
• Rock Arrow:Bomb enemies with rocks, causing 43% damage(open at lv4)
• Spiritual Bless:Call on a group of Illusory Spirit to cause 46% damage to a certain area.(open at lv7)
• Doom Image:Tear up the earth’s surface creating huge ravine, and causing damage to 50% around a certain area.(open at lv10)

Cape System
Cape adds character’s stat such as attack, hit, life, and dodge. Cape had special ability-Bloodthirsty Massacre, it can capture enemy’s life value when attack.
This ability upgraded after cape being upgraded to advanced, and life value it takes will increase. Cape upgrade needs certain amount of cape cloth. Upgrade not always succeed. You will get blessing value if fails.

The Cloak has special ability “Slaughter” which steals others’ HP while attacking. Slaughter can be upgraded with the Cloak, capable of stealing more HP. Main material for upgrading Cloak is Magic Brocade, which can be obtained from Spider Cave Campaign [See the Spider Cave guide], Treasure Map and Honor Store from Chrono Arena [See the Chrono Arena guide, 200 Honor Points for 1 piece]. Cloak Skills can be forged in the Synth Option with materials from Honor Store, buy Magic Book: Cloak + Honor Gift: Cloak packs where there are chances to obtain Cloak Skill Book.

Cape Crystal System
You can embed Crystals in your Cape and boost your Battle Rating and receive additional attributes as well. Same kind of Crystal is more likely to activate set attribute.
Zodiac Crystals can be obtained from challenging Zodiac Realm instance [See guide of Zodiac Realm].


On each vertical column, gather Crystals of the same quality to get set bonus stats, attributes and Battle Rating, for example this full set of purple Crystals[Holiness of Fire Set].

Cavalry System

Chrono Energy
Chrono energy can be gained from doing tasks, gather energy, ice-fire battle, illusion maze and time-travel quest and many events more. Chrono energy is used to upgrade skills, adding specialization equipment, and light up Zodiac. Chrono energy is main consumption in game, light up the Zodiac, upgrade skill, and equipment focus needs chrono energy. It will help you be the strongest man in time and space chaos.


Demon Heart System
Activate Demon heart to make your pet even more powerful. Six Spirit stones revolving around the demon heart are related to six different attribute bonus. Use Spirit Essence to upgrade. Three Demon heart skills unlock along with the six spirit stones’ level. Demon heart skills can enhance your battle performance in fusion mode.

How to activate and upgrade Demon heart:
1. Click Activate button


2. Upgrade Demon Heart. Requires certain pet level, Pet Gem, and Chrono Energy.


3. Upgrade Spirit stone. Requires Spirit Essence. You can get Spirit Essence from challenging in Heroic Pet Dungeon or by purchasing in Store.


Demon Hunt System
Hunt Demons is a gameplay which you have to defeat elite monster and Boss which is on map. Elite monster is monster which shows golden skull above it’s head, if you meet them, you have to kill them in order to adds property bonus. Each monsters divided by 5 levels of skulls, every hunt kill will get different level of stars, and different property bonus.
Monster which recorded when you hunt demon will show in prompt box, click 【Look for】 to open demon interface to see star level and rate of progress from killed monster.


Experience System
You can get experience by defeating monsters in battlefield, treasure hunt, and many dungeons. You can enter many events to get extra experience. These events are Clear abyss, Pick Mushroom, 2x Exp, and many more.

Friend System
Having friends in game is necessary. You can do private chat and view your friend’s location, and many more in friend system. There are Enemies List too, it records player that ever kill you, and can track their position.
You can block and blacklist someone. You can add player which is in same area with one key partner, and you can add through inserting player’s nickname.

God Skill
Gods know that our universe is in chaos because some of Chaotic Demon came. So they are agree to lend their power to our savior so that demons can be defeated. There are 10 Gods and Demigods in Eternal Chaos, each possessing different skills;

5 Gods with Active Skills: Pandora, Cleopatra, Chang’e, Athena, Venus.
5 Gods with Passive Skills: Poseidon, Anubi, Houyi, Zeus, Hades;
God Skills can be upgraded with God’s Soul Crystals and God’s Skill Books;
These upgrade materials can be obtained from Titans Event, Specials Events like Daily Recharge and Daily Fortune.
Hocrux System
Activate and upgrade your Horcrux — it will guide and bless you wherever you go!
Certain level, Soul Stones, 5-Element Stones and Soul Stones required to upgrade it.
Horcrux is a powerful feature will help players in their awesome journey in the chaotic universe – Eternal Chaos, increasing their stats and Battle Rating.


Soul stones and 5-Element Stones can be obtained through Daily Quest, Cellar(Solo) Campaign and Sealing Altar. Nature Elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth requires only 5-Element Stones for upgrade. Depending on the level of Horcrux certain amount of 5-Element Stones is required. After that requirement is met, click Horcrux Upgrade. Then Soul Stones will be required for Horcrux level up.

Horcrux have 2 types of skills:
- Special Skills: Their level grows with the level of Horcrux.
- Normal Skills: Skill books are required to upgrade normal skills, skill books can be acquired from Special Events, Daily Fortune, Daily Recharging.

Soul Refinement
With Soul Refinement option the player can upgrade their 5-Elements and can boost the Horcrux attributes. Materials needing for upgrading 5-Elements are Soul Stones. Upgrading 5-Elements there is a special bonus giving each level you upgrade it.


Goddes Blessing
Remember to get blessed by six Goddesses in the City of Time.
Event Rewards: Gold, Chrono Energy, Vouchers, Attack Buff, Defense Buff and HP Buff.
You have to be in City Of Time capital, open your map [M] and look to the north of the map.

These blessings can be acquired 1 time per day. For example, you can’t take all 3 blessings at once, if you get ATK and you want HP, HP will replace ATK.

There are 6 NPCs that gives different rewards:
1.Yu Zhiqing – Goddess Gift: Voucher;
2.Han Xuewei – Goddess Blessing: ATK 5% for 60 minutes;
3.Zhao Jingyi – Goddess Blessing HP 10% for 60 minutes;
4.Chen Jingyi – Goddess Gift: Energy;
5.Pan Chunchun – Goddess Blessing: DEF 10% for 60 minutes;
6.Daniella Wang – Goddess Gift: Coins.

Mount System
Mount is not only increases your power, but also increases your stats. You can upgrade your mount to get higher level of mount. Not only it will add mount stats, but also will give you a nice mount skin. After being upgraded, the old mount skin won’t  be erased, you still can use your old mount. Click mount upgrade button in mount interface.

To upgrade a mount it needs to consume mount stone in a certain number. You can get it by joining events, task, in the battlefield, BOSS drop, or buy it in mall.

Below is some of mount skin you can unlock:

Mount Equips
Each mount has its own armors. Armors can be acquired from Login Rewards   Leveling Rewards, Daily Fortune, Daily Recharge and Level 8 VIP Rewards. Complete the armor set to get extra status and Battle Rating.

Ranking System
Ranking records list in each server, top 102 players. If you fight hard enough, you will get the rank. Top 5 players will be shown at ranking list, details in ranking list will explains how  to get ranks.

Relic System
If you get Relic, you can call upon the wind and rain, rule the world?! Having Relic is everyone dream! And you know what? It ain’t that difficult to have them! Relics needs certain amount of daily login and sign-in to activate! Sign in every day and you will have them all.

Pharaoh Scepter
With its power, thousands enemy will be down and turn into dust!. Combination between Power and Curse, Luck and Kindess will disappear and for that, it will give you a powerful strength!
(for get this relic, you have to log in once in game)
Effect :  When attacking, it cause extra damage. The damage inflicted depends on ATK Point.
Imperial Jade Seal
This imperial Jade Seal have been inheritable from generation to generation. This thing is a silent witness how’s the bloody battle in China because alter Dynasti. Get this prestigious symbol and conquer the world!
(You have to login 3 days in game to get this relic)
Effect : When you create some damage, it will have a chance to show its magic, Divine Protection which will heal some of your health.

Alladin Lamp
Every wish you want will be granted. Power? Wealth? Women?. Legend said, Alladin can granted all your ambision become real, EASY!. This relic is a symbol for greedness of mankind.
(You have to login 5 days in game to get this relic)
Effect : When you create some damage, it will have a chance to  decrease enemy speed 30% for 5 seconds.

Immortal Chalice
According to medieval legend, it was the vessel from god drank at the last Supper, his final meal with his followers. He cut the bread in pieces and pour the wine into this holy grail as blood symbol. So mankind isn’t extinct, beside they will become immortal.
(You have to login 7 days in game to get this relic)
Effect : When you attack an enemy, it will have a chance to decrease their defense 20% for 5 seconds.

Supreme Crown
Based on story, even God will kneel to its user. Makes you a king of the king and nobody cant stop you!
(You have to login 10 days in game to get this relic)
Effect : When attacking you will have a chance to raise your speed 40% for 3 seconds.

One Ring
This ring keep all luck in this world, absorb all powers of nature. In the right one, this ring  can wipe entire darkness.

(You have to login 15 days  in game to get this relic)
Effect : When attacking, have a chance to decrease damage taken 20% for 3 seconds.

Dragon Slayer Blade
In long time ago, this blade ever makes peace disappear from this world. Whoever hold this blades will get unlimited power. Who’s the next ancestor?
(You have to login 30 days in game to get this relic)
Effect : When attacking, have a chance to deal Punishment effect which can decrease HP target 20% (didn’t effect to BOSS)
Was smith wih Devil’s soul, marinated with God’s blood. FrostMourne, Evil king’s Sword which can make world shaking with only 1 slash.
(You have to login 45 days in game to this relic)
Effect: When attacking, have a chance to inflict stun for 2 seconds.

Statue System

Title System
You will get tittle if you activate title manually. Not only tittle will be shown at your character, it also gives you additional stats. Every title can be activate after you gets exploit value in certain number.


Title has 11 levels, starting from Civilian. As your title goes up, it gives extra attributes and increases your Battle Rating.

Merit is used to unlock new stars and higher titles, Complete different tasks to acquire Merit.


Diamond VIP Players have an option to acquire extra Merit. Total merit earned depends on the player’s VIP Level;
Merit can be also acquired from Domination (World Bonus) [Check World Bonus Guide];
You can auto-complete Merit Quests with gold. 10 gold is needed to complete each task.

Trade System
Trade System:Shop trading, player trading.
Shop Trading:Mostly sell medicines and potions.
Player Trading:Player Trading system is interaction system which makes you possible to trade with other player.

Valor System
Mall which can exchange item with valor. You get valor points by joining Heroes training, Magic Lair. You can exchange with courage legend equipment. Click Courage Shop in heroes training.

If you already feel so powerful, this feature will fit you most!. Go to Challenge feature to test your strength. There are Hero Trial, Beast Den, Hero Guardian, Dragon Treasury, Blessed Trial, and Zodiac Realm. The prize from this feature can help you to raise your level of mount, beast, etc.

Or Status, is interface that show all of your equipment and status overall. As you can see in this image below, there is gear you have, including the grade and other status you have in that gear. In example, a blue icon on top right your gear, that’s because you already FOCUS your equipment.

You also can see your status detail by click a button below your battle rating number.

Or do you really wanna know more detail about yang character? You can click details tab. Then details status interface will pop up.

This feature is kind of title that will show up in the top of your character. It also have a benefit to rise your status  as well especially if you already have awaken it.
Zodiac System
In the chaos of time and space, it is important to light up the Zodiac. With the different horoscope, you will get the different stat too. The more star you light up, the more bonuses stat you get.


Every time you try to light up Zodiac, either you succeed or fail, you still get bonus exp and blessing value. Blessing value makes your chance to succeed in lighting the Zodiac increase.

How to activate: Click the Zodiac on Character interface.
After activating all the stars, the constellation will be completed and attribute bonus can be attained.
Zodiac Blessing: Each failed activation will increase blessing points; Bonus reward when Blessing reaches 100 or above. *Consume*:C-energy.

Couple System
You can be a couple with someone in opposite gender. You will get more experience if you both in a team. But, it will be more awesome if you can have real couple in your real life from this system too!.
That will can happen if a player reaches Lv.52, he/she can be proposed with a Wedding Ring to an unmarried, heterosexual player. When you reach a certain level of couple intimacy, you can use Ring Upgrade Stones to upgrade the ring and enhance the wedding ring’s attributes & unlock its skills. There’s two types of wedding ring: purple and orange. Each has different basis for its own property, and when advanced to a certain level, both can activate additional effects. Wedding ring attributes are synchronized.

Equipment System
Enhance equipment can make equipment stronger, the more level equipment, the more bonus equipment enhance attribute. You can get addition stats. When equipment reach certain level, you can activate fashion set effect.

Weapon is also show special effect based on it’s enhance level. Enhancement needs to consume enhancement stone, you can get it by many battles, boss drop, and joining an event.
There are some bonuses that you get depending on your enhance level on your gear:
• Enhance Chain level 1: your gears must have enhance level 5 on every piece of equipment,
• Enhance Chain level 2: your gears must have enhance level 10 on every piece of equipment,
• Enhance Chain level 3: your gears must have enhance level 15 on every piece of equipment.
Weapon enhancement:
There are 2 bonus levels for enhancing weapons:
1. When weapon reach level 15 of normal enhancement there is a extra Battle Rating bonus,
2. After normal max upgrade level 15, there is a ultimate enhance level with Ultimate Enhance Stones that is also giving an extra Battle Rating Bonus.
• Equipments + weapon can be enhance to ultimate level 15,
• Ultimate Enhance Stones can be acquired from NPC Claire Trader in City of Time or Exchange Events at Daily Fortune, Daily Recharge,
• You can exchange 15 normal Equip Enhance Stones for a pack that contains 3 Ultimate Enhance Stones.

Equipment Refine make the property refresh additional stats, the higher the enhancement stone, the more additional stats being refreshed.

Equipment Refine Benefits:Equipment Refine, you will get more desirable or you needed more, and you can increase combat efficiency
Equipment Refine Consumption:Equipment Refine needs to consume certain amount of Refine Stone. You can buy Refine Stone in mall.

There are 2 options to refine equipments and weapons:
• Refine Value: With this option you can refine at a same time all of your attributes, raising their stats;
• Attribute: With attribute option you can select a specific attribute for your equipment, and then you can refine it and select wich attribute you want: Crit, Attack, Dodge, Defense, Magic, Mana, Hp, Hit.

Refine stones fall into 2 parts:
• Normal refine stones.
To purple equipments with normal refine stones, Refine Value can go up to a specific sum, after it reach max then is required advanced refine stones.
• Advanced refine stones.
Advanced refine stones can be obtained from Synth Option: Synth 30 Normal Refine Stones to get 1 Advanced Refine Stone.

Like Enhance and Refine, Inherit is a necessary needed in Eternal Chaos, with Inherit you can transfer Enhance level and Refine attributes to a new piece of equip or weapon. Materials needed for Inherit are Inherit Crystals and can be obtained from Voucher Store, 50 vouchers a piece;

When Inheriting a new gear, do not forget to MARK Inherit refine attributes, in this way will also transfer Refine status, without that marked will transfer only Enhance level.


This feature will increase stats and Battle Rating of your character. Every piece of equipment and weapon have implemented 5 Emblem Slots with 5 attributes. Materials necessary for upgrading Emblem Attributes are Emblem Shards. Emblem Shards can be acquired from all campaigns/events. Emblem Max. level is 10.
Equipment Transfer make it’s possible to increase level enhancement from enhanced equipment in the same position.

Equipment Transfer Benefits:You can save enhancement stone, and you can make the equipment shows it’s ability.
Equipment Transfer Consumption:Equipment Transfer needs to consume magic crystal transfer, you can buy it in mall.

Equipment focus can maximize your equipment strength, through perfuse chrono energy adds the level of equipment focus. But if you change equipment, equipment focus will not change.


Equipment Focus Benefits:Equipment focus could make equipment stats to continue increase, it could make you invincible.
Equipment Focus Consumption:Equipment focus needs certain amount of chrono energy. High perfusion needs to consume Ingot, chrono energy could be obtained by clearing mission, events, and gather energy.

Bless option like others is a very important feature that improves a lot Battle Rating and stats. Materials necessary for upgrading purple gears to orange are Blessing Stones and the specific orange material for example [God’s Blessing] Lvl 80 Pauldron parts. Blessing Stones: Can be acquired from Exchange events like: Super Exchange, Daily Fortune, Daily Recharge and sometimes from Login Bonus.

God Materials: Can be acquired from Blessed Trial Challenge.

Evolve is a process only for orange equips and weapon, where after you upgraded an equip from purple to orange, you can evolve that orange gear with the same quality of equip pieces to get higher stats and Battle Rating.
Smelt Equipment
Equipment Smelting could thaw unnecessary equipment and adds it to your character, adds many aspect of property in the character.

You can melt almost every equipment, by default, white, green, and blue armor. But if necessary you can melt your violet equipmet too.

Event Cycle
Ice-Fire Battlefield
After you send to the event map that we call as Camp Spell, you will join in one of two team randomly. 
Both of them will comBeaste to grab all resources in each mine. Team that have most resources will be win and can claim the prizes!.

• Daily check in time 20:00 server time,
• Event starts at 20:05, you may check in any time during the event,
• You will be assigned to ice or fire team automatically,
• Your goal is to plunder resources from the opponent’s camp and deliver to home camp,
• Each delivery will earn you 1 pt,
• You should also try to prevent opponents plunder your home resource,
• Winner team will be decided by the total pts,
• Winner team members get extra points,
• All participants who has at least 1 kill, 1 killed or 1 resource, will be awarded
• Top 5 players of the winner team and top 10 in total kill ranking will be rewarded extra.

Pick Mushroom
When Red Dragon Knight mad and bring chaos to this univers, there is some crack between time and space.
Inside of it, there is a mysterious mushroom field and a rumor said that you can get gold, and chrono energy. But you have to be careful, Evil Mushroom Guard is waiting for you there!.
• Daily event times: 9:30 - 9:45 and 21:30 - 21:45,
• You will see blue, red and gold mushroom in 3 sizes (S, M, L) on the map,
• Blue Mushrooms = Chrono Energy,
• Red Mushrooms = Experience Points,
• Gold Mushrooms = Vouchers,
• Bigger mushrooms generates more reward, but takes longer time to collect,
• Top 1 player gets extra reward,
• Turtle Guards guard mushrooms and attacks random players
• If you are hit, the collection will be interrupted, so please pay attention to avoid turtle attacks.

Unreal Maze
When you joining this event, you will be send to another space which is a Mysterious Maze.
Follow the path you believe, if you unlucky, you will meet a Boss . Defeat that boss to get the prize!.

• Daily event times: 10:15 - 10:30 and 22:45 - 23:00
• At the event click Join to enter the 1st level of the Maze
• There are 4 portals in each level, and only one portal is the right one
• Entering the wrong portal will bring you to the lower level
• Only right portal gets you into the higher level
• There are 16 levels
• You will meet two messengers(Virtual and Real) on the last level
• Talking to them will generate great rewards
• The virtual Messenger will leave the Maze in 5 minutes
• All players who reach the last level in 5 minutes will get a chance to get rewarded from the Virtual Messenger
• The Real Messenger will only chat with the 1st player and give reward, and will disappear immediately after chat
• There is a guard on the 8th floor
• Talk to him to get the “Guardian Gift Bag”
• Each player get rewarded once only through the guard won’t disappear
• Within the first 3 minutes of the event, Chrono Treasure Thieves will be dispatched in random floors
• Kill the thieves to get the items they’ve stolen.

Phantom Siege

• Daily Event Times: 19:30 - 19:45
• During the event time, the powerful Phantom mobs will attack the City of Time
• Defeating the Phantom Boss will yield huge rewards
• Defeating all the Phantom mobs of each wave will get you chests
• The positions of the chests and the chests will be distributed randomly
• This is an unsafe zone, be careful of those who intend to snatch your trophies.
Chrono Explore
Here it is, Time Galaxy. In the middle of day, the gate will be open and you can jump through this area. Your focus here to gather Chrono Energy as much as you can.

Double Reward
The shattering of the chrono rift resulted in time distortion and the loss of human lives.  You will begin your quest through distorted historical eras.
It has to be a mistake if there is no obstacle in your journey. But no worries, it has a time when you  will have double reward in every Chaotic Demon you kill. Your skill experience will be double as well!.

Clear Abyss
The player has to save the history through many time-travels, and get the chaotic evil and demons go back where they belong. Sometimes a dark portal appear in several area, you can go through that portal to get more experience but you have to make a party. Only the leader that can choose which portal you want to get in.

• Daily Event Times: 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 11:00, 12:00, 22:00, 23:00
• Some maps will show chrono-ports that delivers players to the underground dungeons to wipe out mobs and earn exp. and item drops
• The event lasts 30 minutes
• The portals will appear at the random locations of the specified maps
• Pay attention to the system notices for actual locations
• Locations[Maps]: Robin Hood Camp; Sherwood Forest; Outer Fort Nottingham; Inner Fort Nottingham; Derby Bridge
• Every 10 minutes, there will be 5 portals on every Line, and each portal can be used only once
• Only team leader can send all team members on the same map into the portals, so stay on the same map with the team leader
• Only team leaders and single players can enter, team members cannot decide
• More people will generate more mobs and higher HP
• It’s recommended to make a team of 3 for best result.

Protect Farm
In every night you will have a duty to take care of our Farm. The Farm will be refreshed in several time and the different event inside will be show up.
You can choose to use Weeds, Insects, or Water Tank to get some gold reward. Beat the Demon Insects there to protect Crops. Every monster shows, it will decrease your reward for 10%.

Don’t forget, the minimum level is 50 if you wanna join this event.
• Daily Event Times: 10:00 - 10:15 and 22:00 - 22:15
• Every once in a while the farm will host different events;
• If players follow the instruction, select Weeds, Insects and Water-wheels, and click relative buttons, Coins can be acquired;
• If players can beat the Insects refreshed and prevent the crops from reduction of output, rewards will be reduced by 10% every other 10 seconds after any appearance of Monsters
• Click “Weed”, “Kill Bugs” and “Water” according the system tips completing the operations of weeding and disinsection according to the tips can acquire Voucher, and completing water operation can acquire the reward of pack
• The scene is safe area which forbids PK
• You Claim rewards after entering the farm for certain time;
• Be careful of pests which can reduce your profit.

Gather your friend and make the best legion!.  In legion there is an event that can give you awesome items, it’s LEGION BOSS!. Legion boss held every day, but it depends on your Legion Commander.
Legion system is  a unique , so either your Legion Commander or Legion Member were charged to be active and help each other.
So don’t feel so lonely in this game, with join a legion, you will have a new awesome friend. Have a good game!.

Legion Events
Legion have event that you can join every day. These event made so legion member can more interact each other. You can manage these event if you are a legion leader. Here are 4 event for you:
• Legion Boss

Fort Derby
Maid Marian was imprisoned by prince John in Derby Castle, and she was faced up with danger, we don’t have much time!. We must send a team to slip into Derby Castle to help Robin Hood rescue Marian. Derby Castle is the last place for prince John to hide. It is heavily guarded with exquisite equipment, although it will bring some trouble to our movement, we might possibly get some upscale equipment. Fort Derby Campaign can be run Manually or with AFK System.
There are 2 types of Fort Derby campaign:
• Solo Mode: where a player can go solo/single.
Suggested Level: 35,
Campaign Type: Equipment Campaign.
Reach VIP Level 4, Level 8 and Level 10 to gain extra Campaign Attempts: Lvl 4 Campaign Attempt +1, Level 8 Campaign Attempt +2, Level 10 Campaign Attempt +3.

• Team Mode: Party up with friends and conquer Fort Derby on Team Mode!.
Suggested Level: 42.
Campaign Type: Equipment Campaign.
Reach VIP Level 4, Level 8 and Level 10 to gain extra Campaign Attempts: Lvl 4 Campaign Attempt +1, Level 8 Campaign Attempt +2, Level 10 Campaign Attempt +3.

Abbandoned Barrack
Somewhere near Robin Hood Camp, there is a long – abandoned barrack. But the remains of the Phantom Army seems to have gathered here intended for revenge. Robin Hood hopes for I to lead an army to eliminate the remains of Phantom Army.  Lots of battling experience can be acquired there. Besides, I need several companions and more destructive skills.
• Campaign can be run Manually or with AFK System.
• Daily Campaign: All day.
There are 2 types of Abbandoned Barrack:
• Normal Mode: where a player can go solo/single.
o Suggested Level 39.
o Campaign type:  EXP Campaign/single.
o Stamina Cost: 50.
o Extra Campaign Attempts from Vip level 4, 8 and 10 won’t add extra attempts to EXP campaigns.
o Rewards:

• Hard Mode: where a player can go solo/single.
o Suggested Level 80.
o Campaign type: EXP Campaign/single, it gives more exp.
o  Stamina cost: 50.
o Extra Campaign Attempts from Vip level 4, 8 and 10 won’t add extra attempts to EXP campaigns.
o Rewards:
Chrono Rift
The secret of the distorted space probably lies in the Chrono Rift which is full of energy. Maybe I should pay back the kindness of my savors and solve their problems first , by which they would have time to pay attention to my own problems. Anyway, it seems that large amount of monsters are gathering there and lots of coins, I guess. It is said the gold there worth a lot. Although it might be a little risky all by my own, it worth a try.
• Campaign can be run Manually or with AFK System.
• Level required: lv 43.
• Stamina Cost: 15.
• Campaign type: Money Campaign/ Single.
• Extra Campaign Attempts from VIP  level 4, 8 and 10 won’t add extra attempts to EXP campaigns.
• Rewards:
Spider Cave
The amazing journey brings me to a weird cave, a giant spider in its confusing domain sets lots of traps. It is hard to catch it without enough helpers, let alone to kill it. The good news is that it stands a good chance to obtain excellent equipment. Hope that I can get surprising gains after finishing the quest from, Master Xuan Zang.

Campaign can be run Manually or with AFK System.
There are 2 types of Spider Cave Campaign:
• Solo Mode: where a player can go solo/single.
o Suggested Level: 55.
o Stamina cost: 15.
o Campaign Type: Equipment Campaign.
o  Reach VIP Level 4, Level 8 and Level 10 to gain extra Campaign Attempts: Lvl 4 Campaign Attempt +1, Level 8 Campaign Attempt +2, Level 10 Campaign Attempt +3;
o Rewards:

• Team Mode: Party up with friends and conquer Fort Derby on Team Mode!.
o Suggested Level 60.
o Stamina Cost: 15.
o Campaign Type: Equipment Campaign.
o Reach VIP Level 4, Level 8 and Level 10 to gain extra Campaign Attempts: Lvl 4 Campaign Attempt +1, Level 8 Campaign Attempt +2, Level 10 Campaign Attempt +3.
o Rewards:

Sealing Altar
The Abyss beasts lost the last war and their souls were sealed in the Horcruxes. Defeat the guards to prove your worthiness and win the Soul Stone.
• Suggested Level 56.
• Stamina cost: 15.
• Campaign can be run only Manually.
• It has only Solo Mode option.
• This Campaign is only for Horcrux to gather materials needed for leveling it.
• Rewards:
In a disordered chronospace, there is a deserted Cellar, Dead-silence as it appears to be, it may be just another trap that awaits its prey. Yet if you are an adventurer who is used to all traps and risks, this is just another map to explore for those hidden Equipment – Let it starts now!.
Campaign can be run Manually or with AFK System.

There are 2 types of Cellar Campaign:
• Solo Mode: where a player can go solo/single.
o Suggested Level: 75.
o Stamina cost: 15.Campaign Type: Equipment Campaign.
o Reach VIP Level 4, Level 8 and Level 10 to gain extra Campaign Attempts: Lvl 4 Campaign Attempt +1, Level 8 Campaign Attempt +2, Level 10 Campaign Attempt +3;
o Rewards:

• Team Mode: Party up with friends and conquer Fort Derby on Team Mode!.
o Suggested Level 80.
o Campaign Type: Equipment Campaign.
o Reach VIP Level 4, Level 8 and Level 10 to gain extra Campaign Attempts: Lvl 4 Campaign Attempt +1, Level 8 Campaign Attempt +2, Level 10 Campaign Attempt +3;
o Rewards:




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