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Endless Fury is a horizontal action game. You will play as a young man who has a high sense of justice and encounters a secret organization. During your journey, you will need to defeat various bizarre monsters to display your power. You can combine different types of moves and skills to create your own combo through real-time operation, challenge opponents in the main storyline, elite stage, purgatory instance or even fight against the powerful boss.

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To create a world view for the game, we have thought about many options, finally we come up with three world views, which combine the sub-culture, natural culture, mysterious culture and the mass culture together. When I first encounter the world view in game, it really surprises me.

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The player will take a role as an energetic youngster who fights against a mysterious organization. On the path to find out his/her origin, the youngster meets all kinds of monsters. You, as the youngster, have to defeat them one by one.

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Main Quest: It is easier for you to have quick upgrade by following the main quests that will require you to clear some stages, collect goods or kill opponents. Tons of EXP is yours if main quests are completed.

Main stage is divided into two levels: Easy and Hard. For the easy level, it will be much easier to clear the stages while for the hard level, you should pay attention to your HP and add it timely. Main stages are suitable for individuals



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