Endless Fury Guide: Introduce

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Endless Fury Introduce

World View
To create a world view for the game, we have thought about many options, finally we come up with three world views, which combine the sub-culture, natural culture, mysterious culture and the mass culture together. When I first encounter the world view in game, it really surprises me.

The player will take a role as an energetic youngster who fights against a mysterious organization. On the path to find out his/her origin, the youngster meets all kinds of monsters. You, as the youngster, have to defeat them one by one.

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Real-time operation, a wide range of skills, and combo skills created by yourself

Dazzling skill effects

Abundant and colorful plots

Main, Elite, Inferno and other modes of stages are waiting for you to challenge

Strong BOSSes

Training, mentorship, and enhancement are all available in this game

The Three Bar Bros, Crazy Monkey, Ladder Climbing and many other daily quests

Challenging the Guild BOSS with your guild members every day

Fair PVP competition

Endless Fury Screenshot

Game Feature
Feature 1: Do you know combo skill, the combo skill with more than 500 strikes at a time?

Feature 2: Do you know Double Dragon, the skill which is 10x powerful than Nunchuck?

Feature 3: Have you seen the gorilla with a jet backpack on its back? Have you seen a 3-head wooden robot?

Feature 4: Team up with your friends and fight together.

Feature 5: The competition in the fair arena is a competition of skill where a skillful normal player may defeat the money player.



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