Endless Fury Guide Basic Skill

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Endless Fury:

The skills are listed in the skill panel. Each character can learn up to 4 kinds of skills.


Upgrading skill level can increase the damage dealt by it

Skill 1: Costs 15 Rage points, often used as the initial skill in battle, which can beat the enemy quickly

Skill 2: Cost 20 Rage points, link skill, can generate combo skill

Skill 3: Cost 30 Rage points, stronger link skill

Skill 4: Cost 45 Rage points, ultimate skill, can kill a group of enemies in one strike


Hero Skills:

1. Dash Strike: Attacks the front enemy quickly and pushes the caster forward, and then gives the enemy a heavy blow.

2. Drop Kick: Attacks enemies with caster's elbow and kicks them into the sky.

3. Spin Kick: Casters hangs their body upside down, and spin their legs to kick the nearby enemy away.

4. Dragon Dance: Traditional fighting skill. Attacks the enemy with your elbow, leg, knee, fist and palm and create a considerable damage to enemy.

5. Sacred Meteor: Charge power and transform caster into a flesh cannon, then lunch the flesh cannon into sky, when it falls down to the ground, it can attack the enemies on the ground and push them into sky.

6. Energy Impact: Draws the enemy into the sky, then thumps the ground heavily to create an energy wave on the front ground to stun the front enemy and weaken them.

7. Qigong Cannon: Gather the Qi inside your body and turn them into a plasma ball to create continuous damage to the front enemies until it explodes.

8. Smash: Pinch! Bomb!


Heroine Skills:

1. Gale Stab: Dash upward, and beat the enemies in front into the air with the twin blade.

2. Swallow Hit: Quickly wield a sword to strike enemies and finally knock them down with a desperate slash. Can release it in the air.

3. Tornado Strike: Kick the enemies around you into the air and quickly spin yourself to form tornado, attacking enemies.

4. Air Slash: Quickly slash all enemies around you in a shape of pentacle and finally release Gash to cause massive damages.

5. Blade Flash: Wield a blade to kick enemies into the air, come to their back, and quickly assault them.

6. Soulbreak Thrust: continuously charge, thrust, and slash to chain attack the enemies in front. Finally blast to cause enemies massive damages.

7. Whirl Cut: Jump to the air, whirl down and use the twin blade to attack the enemies in front.




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