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KeyWord: Endless Fury,2D,Action,Fantasy

Endless Fury lets players customise their own warriors AND powerful combos from scratch with complete freedom. Want to play as a three-headed wooden robot that’s proficient with nunchucks? No problem. How about a jet-pack wearing gorilla capable of launching a 500-hit attack? Go bananas!

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Players build their unique combos by combining a range of moves and skills together, which can then be unleashed in real-time during skill-based combat. Whether challenging opponents in the main storyline or heading to the Elite Stage to showcase their abilities, plucky warriors can endlessly tweak their moves and watch them come to life in a flurry of dazzling special effects.

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Combat is entirely skill-based too, levelling the battlefield between normal and paying members. Create the right moves for your character and you can defeat anybody…and anything!

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This Game is a free-to-play side-scrolling action game where you play as a young man who has a high sense of justice and encounters a secret organization. During your journey, you will need to defeat various bizarre monsters to display your power. You can combine different types of moves and skills to create your own combos, challenge opponents in the main storyline, elite stage, purgatory instance or even fight against the powerful bosses.



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