Emporea: Seize Your Throne

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Emporea is an MMO real-time Strategy game in a unique Fantasy World. Go on epic adventures, find precious artifacts and hone your skills to a razor point. It'll take all the luck and courage you can muster to vanquish enemy kings, eradicate their armies and overcome the evil sorcerors in their midst.

Emporea Premium Worldmap
Premium Worldmap


- Develop flourishing cities with over 40 different building categories
- Explore a richly-detailed map depicting the proud bastions of four distinct nations
- Test your mettle in one of 14 neutral camps full of sinister creatures
- Learn over 30 spells and research a hundred different topics
- Lead an army with over 30 types of soldier into battle

Emporea Dwarf City
Dwarf City

The battles over 10 rounds of fight leave you plenty of time to react to what is actually happening. The 10 mission types allow to command your armies as needed. The 30 spells in 3 categories let you either support your army or damage the enemy or boost your economy. The skills of your hero give you an opportunity to choose your path to victory. The ancient artifacts you will find strenghthen your powers to rise far beyond powerful.

Emporea Market

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