Empire Universe 2 Guide: Easy Way to Doombringer

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Empire Universe 2

Empire Universe 2: Recharged is one of the most innovative and most powerful online browser games on the market. This is a guide which explains the easy way to Doombringer. Follow the steps below:

Empire Universe 2 Guide: The Easy Way to Doombringer

By Corin on official forum

1. Build Research Center level
2. Build Shipyard level
3. Research "Exploration of Space" Probe
4. Research "Engine Techniques " Standard_Engine
5. Build Research Center level 2
6. Research "Space Hunter" Lancer
7. Research "Coherent Resonators" Wincom Laser
8. Research "Advanced Hunter" Cutter
9. Research "Structural Integrity " Corvette
10.Build Research Center level 3
11.Research "Modular design" Frigate
12.Research "Simple impulse drive" GMT-1
13.Research "Bundling of Impulse" GMT-2
14.Build Research Center level 4
15.Research "Impulse Booster " GMT-3
16.Research "Great warship " Destroyer
17.Build Research Center level 5
18.Research " Reconnaissance ship " Cruiser
19.Research "System Defence" Nighthawk
20.Research “Armour” Standard_Armour
21.Research "Better Heat Protection" ATS
22.Research "Metal Concentration" ATSM
23.Build Research Center Level 6
24.Research "Improved Reconnaissance Ship" Medium_Cruiser
25.Research "Cluster Alloy" DATS
26.Research "Stronger Reconnaissance Ship" Battle_Cruiser
27.Research "Battleship" Battleship
28.Build Research Center Level 7
29.Research "New BattleShip" Dreadnought
30.Research "Enhanced Dreadnought" DSL
31.Research "New Battleship" Titan
32.Research "Hardened Armour" Silt
33.Build Research Center Level 8
34.Research "Hardened Armour" NAA
35.Research "SLIT Enhancement" SLT
36.Research “Efficient Cooling” Small_Laser
37.Research “Laser Implusation” Medium_Laser
38.Research "Bundled Laserbeams" Blaster
39.Build Research Center Level 9
40.Research "Blaster Advancement" Blaster_EXT
41.Research "New BattleShip" Behemoth
42.Build Research Center Level 10
43.Research "Buran" Birel
44.Research "New Battleship" Leviathan
45.Research "Mach" Mach
46.Research "Behemoth" Aurel
47.Research "Behemoth " Trayan
48.Research "Mega Titan" Doombringer
P.S. Points 19 (NH a very good fighters for defence) and 45 ( a very good ship for drop and cargo) can be researched after Doombringer.



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