Empire Rising Trial Review: Considerate Humanized Designs

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Empire Rising

By Sain, BBGsite Reviewer Team member

Empire Rising is a new war strategy browser game from Ndoors. Similar to most strategy MMOs, Empire Rising is set in an age of wars when players need to develop their empire, reorganize their armies to resist the invaders and become strong in the game.

First Impression: (Highest Score: 10)

Graphics & Soundtrack: 7
Quest System: 8
Game Controls: 9
Game Systems: 8
Average Score: 8
Advantages: Exquisite graphics, strong interaction, humanized designs and considerate details.
Disadvantages: Unobvious innovations, common theme and undeveloped functions.

Graphics & Soundtrack:

The game interface is red and looks bloody. At the first sight of the game interface and four playable characters, players can easily know this is a war game.

In comparison of graphics, the game's soundtrack is not satisfactory. Currently, the game hasn't added any soundtrack, neither background music nor audio skill effects. Though it doesn't affect the game quality, we hope the game company can perfect it.

Empire Rising Screenshot

Empire Rising Screenshot

Operation Interface

On completion of character creation, players can enter the game and see the main interface. Players who have once played strategy games must be familiar to such interface. At first glance players can get a general understanding of all game systems. Apart from the operation interface, game manual and FAQ link are placed at the bottom right of the screen.

Generally speaking, Empire Rising resembles most strategy games in terms of operation interface, so it is easy to pick up.

Empire Rising Screenshot

General Introduction:

1. Quest System

Empire Rising's quest system is simple. On the quest interface, quests are classified into Current, Daily and Special ones and detailed quest info can be viewed. Even for those who play a strategy game for the first time, it is easy to understand the quests. Meanwhile, the game features Daily Questions which will be open at 6:00pm – 9:00pm every day.

Empire Rising Screenshot

Additionally, players can claim online rewards at regular intervals. The longer they keep online, the better rewards they will receive. Anyhow, those rewards are of great help to newbies.

Empire Rising Screenshot

2. Interaction

There are 5 chat channels: Public, Alliance, Private, War and System. Since the game is in the test stage, the private channel hasn't been available. But the public channel is bustling. From continuous pop-up system messages, we can see this game enjoys high popularity.

Overall Review:

All in all, Empire Rising is a distinctive strategy game with high-quality graphics, convenient controls, traditional mouse operation and humanized specific settings, so newcomers may get accustomed to the game more quickly. However, it is a pity that the game doesn't provide any music and sound effects and players cannot enjoy themselves visually and aurally. Furthermore, some game systems haven't been developed completely. It is hoped that the game develop can perfect the game gradually in the near future.



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