Empire Rising Review: A Brand New Height

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Empire Rising

By Sain, BBGsite Reviewer Team member

Since the release of Ndoors' Empire Rising, it has attracted a large number of players. To enrich the game content and give players better experiences, Ndoors has recently carried out a massive update for Empire Rising. Well, what surprise does Empire Rising bring after the update and what does it look like now? Let's take a close look below.

Empire Rising Screenshot

1. Newbie Chat

No great changes are found in the course of login, but there is a new Newbie Chat channel, which can be seen instantly when you enter the game.

If you are new to the game, you must have noticed it. The developer is so considerate that it has added such a function for newbies. All new players are qualified to use the Newbie Chat function, so they can get familiar to the game quickly. Certainly, as its name implies, except newbies, other players are unable to use the Newbie Chat function. I did a test deliberately and found that this function would be unavailable after 3-day newbie protection period.

2. The Legacy Campaign

Empire Rising Screenshot

As disclosed by Ndoors, Legacy Campaign is the most absorbing function in this update. Having going it through, I deeply felt that it is really very wonderful. With the use of this function, players can show off their talents by planning strategies and commanding troops out of battlefield.

Now, as long as players choose the most suitable generals and send them to the battlefield, they will have a chance to win a variety of booty, including materials, weapons, armor, etc. Are you ready? It is time to display your commanding ability and make full use of your soldiers.

Empire Rising Screenshot

Empire Rising Screenshot

3. Enhancement System

Do you dislike your equipment due to their weak strength? If so, you must be very glad at the new Enhancement System, which can help you enhance all equipment attributes. You only need to use Enhancing Stones to improve your equipment. However, where to get Enhancing Stones? Do you still remember the Legacy Campaign mentioned above? The Enhancing Stone is just one kind of booty.

Empire Rising Screenshot

Empire Rising Screenshot



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