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Empire Rising

Empire Rising is a browser-based MMO strategy game that allows you to experience the excitement, joy, and triumph of building your own empire. As a free-to-play game players can experience every aspect of the game using gold which can be accumulated through in-game actions, or may become a premium user by buying gems which can be used to experience the game at an increased pace.

The year is 1435 AD. Rival states and old grudges have come to a head. Tensions between Christian and Muslim cultures are exploding into bloody war between Britain and France in the West and the Ottoman Empire and Prussians in and East.

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The lack of a stable rule has brought about a vicious anarchy where bloodshed is the norm; rebels stir the people to unrest and barbarians and raiders roam the land unchecked. The world needs a powerful leader to guide it back to peace. The dark ages are ending, and when the light of the renaissance shines upon the land, only one kingdom may rule. That kingdom must be yours.

The game is kept fresh with new systems already in development and through server-wide cooperative quests and contests. Build your empire, marshal your armies, defeat your foes, and climb the rankings to lead the world to a modern era.

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Colonize Your Neighbors – Why do all the work yourself? Through Empire rising's colonization feature you can reign over your neighbors on your way to the top. Colonies pay you a percentage tribute of their production; valuable resources you can put toward continuing to build your empire.

Advance Through the Ages – You can't have a renaissance without learning new things! Start from the Dark Ages and upgrade your city to advance through the Feudal and Castle ages to reach the pinnacle; the Empire age.

Conquer Europe – Napoleon couldn't do it, can you? Empire Rising features a full map of the European continent for you to explore and rule. Will you take Rome as your own and rule from London to Constantinople, or will you be thwarted by the strength of their defenses?

Build You Council – What is a leader without his generals? Gather the strongest generals of the ages to your side to build a powerful council. Each general bestows buffs upon your empire, from additional army defense to increased resource gathering.

Move Up the Leader board – Show your friends who's the boss. Compete against your friends and the world to establish yourself as the best, or worst, on the realm's leader boards. See how you stack up to your friends and enemies in terms of army strength, city prosperity, and colonization efforts.

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