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Mini Guide: Recruiting Generals

Generals are one of the main factors in the Empire Rising. It gives bonus which can give boost to military unit, defense of the wall and resources production. There are two types of general, the Political which focus on defense and the Military which focus on attack. Now to recruit a general you must have a tavern. There are 5 types of recruitment, the Basic, Average, Expert, Master and the Epic Recruitment. Note that Epic Recruitment only works on Level 16 Tavern and above and it consumes 100 gems.

Generals have different ranking, the higher the star the more powerful the generals are. So far the powerful generals are those 6 star generals which can only obtain through Epic Recruitment. Now each recruitment produce different star general. In the Basic you can recruit up to 2 star, while in the Average is up to 3 star, Expert recruitment up to 4 star and Master up to 5 star. The higher recruitment the more costly it can get to recruit them.

Empire Rising Screenshot

Note: Note that you can also sell your general and also you can buy general from other players.

A successful recruit generals will be shown below with its stats. Now to finally recruit the general you will have to either recruit him using gems or gold.

Empire Rising Screenshot



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