Empire Rising: Mini Guide about All Game Systems

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Mini Guide: Legacy Campaign

Engage in 1v1 or team battles with your general to earn powerful equipment and rewards. To start the Legacy Campaign, click the two swords icon found in the left side of the screen. After that you will be lead directly to the Battle Campaigns.

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This is the Battle Campaigns. You will need to finish the first campaign in order to proceed to the next campaign. You will see that Battle Campaign shows what requirements are needed and the difficulty of the battles. It will also show the rewards that will you get when you finish the campaign. You will also see in the bottom of the page the current progress of your campaign and the current battle you are in. If you want to learn more about the rules in Legacy campaign you can check it at the Rules Button. Now the in the Equipment, there are 2 set of powerful items that you can get there through exchanging it to Crude Jewels which you can get by defeating generals in the battle. Now, click the Battle of Manzikert in order to proceed with the campaign.

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Now you are in the Battle of Manzikert. In each battle, you will have to face 9 NPC Generals with different skills and difficulty. You will also have to start with Battle 1 before you can proceed to Battle 2 same goes with other battles. Each battle that you finish rewards you with crafting materials, powerful items and crude jewels. Look at the bottom of the page; you will see that the Map Progress is already 90 percent. Meaning we already finish and defeated 9 generals. The Daily Attacks determines how many times you can do battle in 1 day, because all battles can be repeated which will cost you gold. Another thing, after you finish a Battle you will have 1 minute and 40 seconds before you can do battle again. Now click on the castle Battle 1 to start a fight with another general.

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Now you are on the Legacy Battle. Click the select General to choose your general that will engage in the battle. After you had chosen your general click the Confirm button. Now the Force Attack button will let you raise your general attack power with the use of gems.

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You can choose 5 cards that will give you boost in the battle such as increase in defense, attack and extra turns in attack. Choose wisely as it will greatly affect the result of the battle.

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If you are ready you can click the Begin Battle to start the fight. In the battle info it will show you actions, damage and skills use of the general in each other. It will show you also who the winner of the battle is. After the battle is over you can now click the Battle Complete and proceed with the next castle.

Empire Rising Screenshot

Finish the all the battles until you reach the Epic battle which is the last battle. In this battle you will need to form a team composing of 5 players. Any players can join your team as long as they already finish the 9 battles. At first you will have to fight 5 NPC generals, so it will be a 5 versus 5 battles.

Empire Rising Screenshot

If all of you successfully defeated these generals you will now all have face the epic general. This epic general is strong enough to fight all 5 generals at once so be careful and be prepared. After you have defeated the epic general you will be given reward for finishing the campaign and the new door will open to test your courage on the next campaign. Good luck!

Empire Rising Screenshot

Another campaign had been open.

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