Empire Rising Guide: FAQs About Building System

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Empire Rising

1. How to build a Facility

Once you have started playing Empire Rising You will be given a starting building/facilities of Town center Level 1, this is the first building you have, later on when you proceed you will be required to build more such as:

Primary Building in Dark Age

Primary Building in Dark Age
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You can start creating this building when you see the Blue flag on the ground; this flag indicates that the building addressed to that space is available to be built. Just click the space lot and click the button on BUILD.

2. How do I gain more resources

Resources is the main blood of any empire without the resources facilities, town function and even the workers will not work well, so having great resources is the key to have a great Empire. To increase the gather of the recourses you need to upgrade your Quarry, Mine, Farm, and Logging camp, increasing their level will increase the production, also the number of workers in that field affects also the amount of production the more the workers the more resources to be produced.

3. How to Increase more workers

Workers are the skeleton of every Empire, without the workers the resources will not be converted into facilities and as well as necessary things for the Empire. Having great amount of workers is the key to have a great Empire. To increase your peasants you need to level up your Housing, the higher the level the Housing is the more peasants to be created and then to convert it to workers you just need to Click the TOWN Center, from there you will see the amount of Workers can be recruited, then CLICK RECRUIT.

4. What is the maximum level of the buildings

Building and establishments in Empire Rising plays very critical part for the growth and development of your Empire, each of it have different purpose and you do not need to create many same building, you just need to level up your building by upgrading it, just provide every essential requirements of resources need for it. The maximum level of the building in Empire Rising is level 20, you can upgrade your building if you have enough resources to proceed upon the upgrade, if you see the requirements is color RED you do not have enough resources.

5. How can I have a sub-city

One feature of Empire Rising is letting a player to have a multiple sub-city depends on the players of how many they wanted however only a maximum of 6 they can have as their sub-cities. In order to establish a sub-city you need to have your Town center into level 10 for the first sub city and then level 15 for the next and then when you reach the town center into level 20 you can now have it by 6 sub cities.

6. How many workers do I need to construct a building?

Construction of facilities/building in the game will require man power or amount of workers to construct what you have desired, for all the basic buildings the amount of workers should be 1-10, the more the workers to be used the more the construction time will be saved.

7. How long will the construction of building?

Constructing building/facilities requires man power and resources however the construction period will also be based on how many upgrades have been done, the higher the level of the building the slower of the construction.

8. What is the use of Gold?

Gold is the in game money, it was used for trading resources and recruitment of generals, gold is acquired through quest and by conquering NPC camps and market trades.

9. What is the use of Gems?

Gem is the currency used in the Item mall, you will be able to purchase special items only if you have gems in you.

10. How do I do quest?

Quest is one of the essential in this game, through quest you will barely know what are this game is offering and by questing you will surely get rewards while learning the game also adds enjoyment to everyone. The quest button and list will be found in the Upper right of your screen you will see a small window showing list of quest, once you see the list, click the quest key word ex: Summon Informer if you click the word the quest full window will be shown indicating every information you need upon performing the quest, you will see in the list the color of the key word will be change from YELLOW into GREEN, if it goes green meaning the quest requirements are meet.

11. What is the use of University?

University is one of the major factors in the Empire, here in University you can increase the talents of your troops, also in University you only not increase the troops talent you also increases the armory of the troops and the town itself through various researches.

12. How to increase my towns defense?

Defense is one of the major factors that will make your town safe from any conquering that will be done by other players as well as the raiders nearby. Increasing the level of your walls will increase the defense value of your town also when your wall is established you can also put torn on it so that the invaders will get a hard time conquering your town.

13. How can I join or build alliance?

Alliance is one of the factors that add entertainment in the game; you can be strong and be feared if you join strong Alliance, in order to join or create an Alliance You need a Level 5 Embassy and 20 Gold.

14. How can i add friends or enemies?

Yes you can, the FRIEND/ENEMY system that Empire Rising have is one of the best feature of this game, the list will be seen in the bottom left of your screen, you will see the TAB Friend. From this list you will see if you friend is being attacked of course that will signals you to help him/her also you will see if your enemy is making his/her way.

15. Why I cant build more building/facilities?

Construction of facilities/building requires craftsmanship covenant, the maximum required construction per queue is 3, if you wanted to increase your limit of construction you need to use an Item called Craftsman Covenant that can be bought in the item mall with the duration basis, the shorter the period the cheaper.

16. Where does the rewards go?

If you finish quest nor gathered items through battles the items will be delivered and automatically be places in your personal inventory which is being able to see if you click the bottom button ITEM. I there you will see even the item give away sent by GM’s are being placed there.

17. Can I choose other Era?

Sad to say no because everyone should start from scratch no one can start in the Castle Age without having a walk on how hard to get to higher Ages and also having the thought of starting from Dark Ages to Castle Ages is really a fascinating part. The actual order of Era was Dark Age, Feudal Age, Castle Age, and Empire Age.

18. How is chat system works?

Chat system is one of the essential part of gaming, like any other game Empire Rising a variety of chat function, there are option in which you can choose where or whom to received your messages. You can choose whether Public, Alliance, Private or Team.

If you choose Public you just need to input your messages in the chat box.
If you choose Alliance people inside the alliance will received or be able to see the message
If you choose Private a small window will open and will ask you to Enter the name of the one you want to send the message and
If you choose Team, members online in the friends list will see the messages

19. What is the purpose of the blinking treasure box in the screen?

The blinking treasure box that you are seeing in the left side of your screen is the icon of the automatic item giveaway, the system gives random items whenever you are online of course the item giveaway has duration or period of when to retrieved it. Just click the box and a window will be opened containing the reward you’ll about to received just click the button received and it will be placed in your inventory.



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