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Elysian War is a free-to-play browser-based strategy game that features a unique mix of PvP empire building and strategic PvE battles. Build your empire, summon heroes, and conquer your enemies.


Elysian War is an empire building strategy game with a unique turn based PvE campaign. Build up your base, train soldiers, and conquer your enemies while also completing the game's in-depth PvE campaign. Elysian War takes place in the medieval Era where players can summon mythological heroes and gods to aid them in their quest for worldwide conquest.


Elysian War is easy to pick up and learn because the game guides players through the early experience through helpful quests which grant players excellent rewards. Unlike other strategy games, Elysian War also grants players free diamonds (premium currency) through quests and daily login rewards which helps to even the battlefield.


Key Features:

Empire Building - Build up your base, train troops, gather resources and conquer your enemies. Players can also expand their empires by defeating and occupying nearby lands which are defended by AI.

Strategic PvE Battles - Complete hundreds of unique PvE "Campaign" battles through turn based strategic gameplay.
Summon Heroes - Summon 100+ unique characters from mythology to fight for you through a fully transparent Gatcha system that shows drop rates for each tier (Seasoned, Fierce, Legendary, and Supreme).

Generous Free Rewards - Get free premium currency (diamonds) simply by participating in events and daily login rewards.

Streamlined Resource System - The only resources are "Drachma" (Currency), Troops, and Order (Used to occupy lands).



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