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Elysian War is made up of 3 main areas. City, Generals and Combat. The game is a simulation game. Players are directing and controlling game place with building and upgrading their city. The generals is summoning, upgrading and enhancement. Combat is based on movement and tactic decisions.

----Let’s start with the city.


----Primary buildings:

Base: Primary building. Generates Drachma which is the in game currency, upgrading will unlock more buildings and players also collect territory income.

Barracks: Troop generating. The higher the barracks level, the faster the troop generation.
Dwelling: Troop cap. Upgrading dwellings increases the maximum troop cap, this is important as having more troops will allow players to field bigger armies.

Garden and Mines: Drachma Generation, most important to have a continuous income of drachma which can be used for upgrading buildings, summoning generals and also used in the tarot.
Cellar: The Cellar generates Ambrosia which is used with the levelling of generals. Ambrosia can also be purchased from the Market.

Garrison: The Garrison is very important as it increases the number of dominions that a player can hold in the fortress battlefield. The more territory that a player holds, the greater the drachma income.

Suggested building pattern:  barracks, dwellings, 3-4 gardens, 2-3 mines, 1 market, 1 cellar and a garrison before player level 20. Upgrade them using design plans from campaigns.
You can unlock a 3rd construction team using the 7 day login. The construction team is locked on the 4th day.

Generals: Generals can be gained from summon and events. There are 3 summon types.

Primary: Uses drachma, the more its used, the higher the cost, price will reset to 500 drachma after the timer counts down. Drops purple, blue and green generals.

Superior: Uses vouchers. Drops gold, purple and blue generals.
Elite Summon: Cost 300 diamonds per summon. Drops the best generals in the game, also gold, purple and blue.

----The generals combat types are:


Swords: Close combat, multiple or single opponent attack. High defence and attack.
Archer: Ranged Aoe / sniper attack, Medium Defence and HP.
Priest: Ranged Aoe / single opponent attack, Low Defence and HP.
Cavalry: Close combat, multiple or single opponent attack. Medium defence, high attack.
Spearman: Close combat, multiple or single opponent attack. Medium defence, high attack.

Swordsman beat Spearman, Spearman beat Cavalry, Cavalry beat Swordsman, Archer and Priest beat each other. It is important to remember that skills can be affected by weather and wind.

On sunny days, the Priest cannot use lightning, on rainy days, Priest and Spearman cannot use fire. Wind direction will affect the fire effect. Forces who standing downwind will be hurt by fire, so watch out for fire damage spreading to friendly forces.

When a general reaches level 20, awaken is unlocked. This will allow generals to have deputies assigned to them, adding them to a general will unlock increased abilities. This can be done in the deputy section. Advance your generals attack and troop numbers in the advance section, this can be done for generals and deputies.
Duplicate summoned generals will be converted to cards that can be used to upgrade generals abilities in the ability section.

Look for the statement on a general that will say Apply to X marshal for bonus, to give a bonus to a specific type of general.

----Battlefields and battle system:


The natural landform of Elysian War is divided into lawn, moorland, hill, forest, mountain and river; fire cannot be released in moorland, hills and forests and prevents the passage of cavalry, all forces cannot cross mountains and rivers.

Artificial landform is divided into city, village, bridge, Wall; and all forces cannot cross walls.
If a player finds making battle decisions difficult, they can use the auto fight option. This will appear as 2 cogs next to the 1x/2x fight speed icon.

Left click on the general, move the flag to choose a place, left click on the flag to select to move, the general can move to that point, the white cell grid area is the movable range.
(2)Common attack:
Left click on the general, move the flag to choose a place, left click on the flag to select attack, the general will move to the flag and begin attack, the red area is attackable range, click the target to complete the operation, if you want to cancel just right click.
3)Special attack:
Left click on the general, move the flag to choose a place, left click on the flag to select a special attack, the general will move to launch the attack, the red area is attackable range, click the target , To complete the operation, if you want to cancel only right click.

----Quick tips on successful game play

Do buildings, garrison, barracks, gardens, level up base. Summon generals, one of each type is nice but the summoned generals are random.
Remember at general level 20, you can have deputies and unlock more bonuses and upgrades such as advance and ability.
You have 100 campaign tickets to use for campaigns, they will regenerate. When you run out, go into the fortress area (Use Depart and enter city) and start taking territories to gain more resources for guild and drachma. Territories are limited by garrison, so level that up to level 5-6.
It is best to have gold ( supreme ) generals as marshals and use gold or purple generals as deputies. When you are starting off in the game, then you will most likely be using purple generals as marshals with purple or blue deputies. It is best to use deputies that give a bonus to the marshal combat type.
I.E:  You can use Zeus who is a supreme priest with deputy Athena who will give a 50% chance of dealing crit at 180% and 35% skill energy restored and deputy Druj Nasu who increases damage area by one ring, reduces opponents attack by 30%, increases your dmg by 30% plus 10xnumber of targets + 500.
Some generals do not state a marshal type bonus, this means they can be used with ANY marshal.
Complete 7 days sequential log for extra bonus.
Talk to other players, some may be very experienced in this type of game, use Facebook and forums if you need help. Guides will be posted, explaining the game.



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