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Elfender is a free to play game. Cute graphics, together with multiple battle modes like PvP and PvE, will definitely bring you an exciting, interactive and cheerful experience. And below are some details of this game organized from Official Site and Official Forum. We believe you can learn more about this game here:

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Your cards are not strong enough? You are always beaten by other players? Then you should come here, Blacksmith, a place where you can synthetize, enhance and alchemize cards to make yourself invincible.


To successfully synthetize a card, you need to follow some tips below:

  1. Synthetizing a card needs 1 Parchment and 2 gems. Gems of different levels and different attributes can also be synthetized.
  2. The higher the level of gem, the higher the success rate it will be. After the three items are put into the slots, there will appear a success rate of synthetizing. You may put in a clover to increase the success rate if you think it is low.
  3. The quality of the parchment determines the level of the card, while the attribute of the gem determines the type of the card. Before you synthetize a card, you can refer to Manual to look up the items for the specific card.


If you find your cards are not as strong as those of your rivals, you should definitely come here to enhance them. Details of the enhancement are listed as below:

  1. Powder is a necessity in enhancing a card.
  2. The higher the level of the powder, the higher the success rate it will be. Please note that you need not put in 3 powders at a time, but you can increase the success rate by increasing the quantity of the powders, or by putting in a powder of a higher level. Besides, Clover can also be added to increase success rate.
  3. Enhancing a card to the next level will randomly grant you a new attribute, such as Attack, HP or Cooldown.
  4. The card (Lv3 or above) may be degraded if you fail to enhance it. You can add Amulet to avert being degraded.


The quality of the items plays an important role in ensuring a high success rate in synthesizing and enhancing cards. Items of higher levels can be gained through alchemizing in Blacksmith. Please look through the following tips before you go ahead.

  1. Gems, powder and parchment can all be alchemized.
  2. You should put in 4 identical items to alchemize. The same item of different levels can also be alchemized.
  3. Items can be alchemized to Lv4 only.

DNA System in Blacksmith

DNA system is the latest function in synthetizing in Blacksmith. Players can put the corresponding DNA to synthetizing a card. In this way, you can synthetize the cards you want much easier. However, the DNA you put must match with Formula.

DNA is a supplementary tool in synthetizing cards. Synthetizing successfully will grant you a corresponding card. You can get the elves or the monsters' DNA upon their death in fights, practice or battles.

Elfender Screenshot

Talent System

On the Talent Tree panel, there are active skills and passive skills to be activated. Each talent consumes certain Talent Points, varying from 1 to 5 points. You will gain 1 Talent Point for every lvl you upgrade. Skills activated can be reset at the expense of 1000 Diamonds. Click Backpack-->Talent to access the Talent system.

Elfender Screenshot

Active Talents/Skills in Battle

Your Active talents/skills are located at the bottom center of your screen when you are in battles. They each have a cooldown and can be used while you still have MP (magic points). The Magic Points are shown in the beaker on the far left. Once the blue liquid in the beaker is finished your MP's are depleted. Read the above grid to understand which of the talents are active and what they do to use them to your best advantage.


For years the Elves have lived with the spirits of the forest in peace on Planet Nasta until the vicious Monsters came. The monsters came for the abundant resources and plundered everything they saw on the planet and destroying the peaceful life of the Elves. The good-natured Elves of the forest are in danger and must fight back! They still possess the Magic Forest, the only place that has not been invaded yet. The Elves are now calling for a hero to lead them and repel the invaders to restore their beautiful homeland.



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