Einherjar Guide: Strategies and Tips

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This guide is about some strategies and tips in Einherjar. If you just start this game, just check below to avoid some mistakes in game.

Source: Einherjar Strategies and Tips by rhynier, terojen and eagle3891 from

Formation/Position - Always very important. Let your stronger units to move first and close to the enemy(you can also block them), and let your weaker units (versus physical), long-range strike from afar.

Switch between weapons while in battle! Some units can carry both close-ranged and long-ranged weapons(ex: Half Elf w/ Dagger as main and Fire scroll as sub). It'll surely give you an advantage.

And also always carry backup weapons especially for Elf. I'm using both magic items for my elf and sister i user rosary & holy pillar.. Sometimes holy pillar can be useful too! Coz sometimes your char cannot kill enemy and left about <8 HP.. By using Holy Pillar, they can be killed.. Hahaha.. Rosary is good too.. With my Sister lvl 10+ i can use Pray and heal about 13HP. For me its necessary in combat but some player not.

And also before you go expedition, take quest at city 1st.. Then make sure you have enough food and all weapons/magic items in good condition. For me, before i go for expedition, i make 3 of my other char to harvesting.. ^_^

As newbie.. I'm highly suggest you DONT GO EXPEDITION UNTILL LEVEL 10+ ALL OF 5 CHAR. I suggest just focus on building and harvesting. Dont need to rush coz your char may lose LP during unprepared expedition. After all 5 your char reach lvl 10 and learn new skill, make sure proper equip them. Then go without worry. I prove it with my brother account.. Hehehe.. Level 10+ can kill skeleton and non of them died with proper strategy. For me, this is my team :

TEAM A (Default):
1 spear, 1 Elf (Fire), 1 sister, 1 axe, 1 sword.

TEAM B (My favourite) :
2 Axe, 1 Spear, 1 Elf (Fire), 1 sister.

You may create your own team.. But for me, Sister & Axe really necessary. Spear have higher defense and elf do quite high damage with less miss and long range.

ps : If any of my statement is false or incorrect, please correct it. Thanks for your co-operation.


sword has high accuracy but low damage
axe has high damage but low accuracy
spear is balance.
sword attack axe: + 15% accuracy
axe attack sword: - 15% accuracy
sword attack spear: -15%
spear to sword: + 15%
spear to axe: - 15%
axe to spear: + 15%
+15% to all job if attack from behind

but surely sword always useful with their "double attack" skill
don't forget to mate sword with other melee job to get child with that skill.



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