Einherjar Guide: Quest for New Players

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This is a set of tutorial quests for new players of Einherjar. The purpose is to help new players get a feel of the game. These quests are not difficult, and the range of movement is limited within the home. Rewards from these quests are not valuable, but completing them will be essential for all players to gain experience to start challenging more difficult quests later on.

Steps to do the quest as follows:

Click [Beginner quest] icon to open the quest window.

Einherjar Screenshot

Requirements of the quest

Einherjar Screenshot

Quest for new players

The requirements are explained clearly to help new players understand and complete the quest.

There are rewards for completing the quest.

If all requirements of the quest is satisfied, click the [Quest completed] button.

Einherjar Screenshot

Quest completed

Clicking [Quest completed] means the quest is finished, and you will receive the reward.

Then you can continue with more challenging quests.

Complete all the quests and get valuable rewards!

Einherjar Screenshot



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