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PvP is a mode for players to fight each other directly in Einherjar. Currently, it is still at the alpha test stage. The current version is likely to encounter bugs. So, PvP matches will not decrease LP or weapon endurance. You can compete with other players to get the top score on the ranking table.

PvP rules

Currently the only available mode is 1 vs 1. You can add extra limitations and local rules to your arena.

How to Join in PvP

Einherjar Screenshot

You can go to Hedeby city and click on "Arena" to see a list of PvP Arenas.

You can choose the Arena of another player to fight with that person, or you can create your Arena and wait for someone to challenge you.

Create Arena

Einherjar Screenshot

At the Arena list window in Hedeby city,

Click on the "Create Arena" button.

Einherjar Screenshot

Set your own Arena rules then click "OK". Your arena will be created immediately. (Currently you can only create 1 vs 1 arenas)

After clicking "OK", you will be brought to the unit selection screen. After you and your challenger finish selecting your units, click "Start" and the battle will begin.

In the Arena

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n the Arena list, you can click on the "OK" button next to the name of the creator of that Arena to fight him.

After clicking "OK", you will be brought to the unit selection screen. After you and the Arena creator finish choosing your units, click "Start" and the battle will begin.

PvP match

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When a PvP match starts, the time limit will appear on the top left of the screen. In your turn, you have to control your units within that time.

If the time limit runs out and you still haven't finished, your unit will act on its AI.


The current version of PvP mode is still in its testing stage, so no matter you win or lose, you will not gain experience and treasures and resources will not be siezed.

However, you can view the PvP ranking on the Einherjar website.

PVP event

PvP event is held from 21:00 to 21:59 every Saturday and Sunday. Players will aim to achieve certain amount of PvP points during this period, and everyone who achieves this will receive rewards after the event ends.

PVP event conditions

Only players with average overall point of the 3 highest unit over 120 and above can participate in PvP events.

To prevent cheating during the PvP event, the name of the Arena creator and all regualations written separately will not be displayed on the list.

PvP event score

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When you win during the PvP event: +3 points. When you lose during the PvP event: -1 point.

Your PvP event score will be displayed on the Arena list. If a player is disconnected or reloaded the browser during the battle, his unit will operate on AI and the match result will be based on the result of the AI fighting. If both players are disconnected or have reloaded the browser, that battle will not be counted.


The following cases will lead to a fight being a no-contest.

  • PvP event started while you were fighting on the normal PvP arena.
  • If you started a normal PvP battle during the event and the event ended during the battle.

PvP event reward

For those who earned a total of 7 points or above during the PvP event, there will be rewards.

The rewards will be granted at 4:00 AM of the day after the event. When rewards are granted, the PvP event score will be reset to 0.



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