Einherjar Guide: Gameplay FAQ

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Einherjar is a brand new game launched by KBMJ. If you are interested in this game and plan to have a try, then you can check out this guide on the gameplay first. Maybe it can help you start off the game quickly.

What is a character name used for?

The main character represents you in the game and will have the name you entered, only the First Name will be displayed in the game, except for Guild related data.

Cannot chat

The chat function is used to talk with players of the same guild. For this function to be available, you have to join a guild.

Why can't my units go on expedition?

To go on expedition, your units must be at least 12 years old. Also if all your units are out on activities such as construction and harvest you will not be able to go on a expedition.

How to upgrade buildings?

There are various types of buildings. Choose the one that you can upgrade when meeting all upgrade conditions.

Character level up?

At the "Unit List" at your home, or at the preparing screen for expeditions, select an unit which has enough experience points and click "Level up". This action is not available if the unit does not have enough experience points.

How to increase the amount of storable resource

At the beginning, the amount of each item you can hold is limited to 50. If you want to increase the limit, you need to upgrade your Lord House. The limit will increase according to the level of your Lord House.

The enemies are too strong!

Be sure to select 5 units to join the battle. You may have a chance to win the battle by using skillful tactics refering to here

My HP is reduced when the battle starts.

If the amount of food becomes 0 during expeditions, your unit's HP will be reduced.

Upgrade your Field, or buy food at the Hedeby market.

How to restore HP during battle?

"Sister" unit can be equiped with "rosary" and use the "pray" skill to restore HP of other units. In addition, you can restore the HP of each unit by using healing items such as "Heal Potion".

How to restore LP?

LP is the Life Point of the unit, if LP is 0, the unit will die and will be lost. LP cannot be restored except in special events.

How to collect resources?

Fields, Farms, Lumber mills, Mines... are automatic production buildings. You will gain more resources by upgrading these facilities.

You can also "Harvest" materials and find resources, and buy food at the Hedeby market.

A lack of food will lead to HP reduction for battles during expedition or even make expeditions unavailable. Please pay attention to the amount of food you have.

How to gain Silver?

Construct a "Market" to produce silver automatically. Silver can be sold at the Hedeby market for Gold.
Enemies might drop Silver after a battle during your expedition.

How to go beyond level 45?

Currently the level cap of units is set to 45.

I have a unit with 30 strength but the attack power feels low.

When a status index goes over 20, damage calculation becomes different from below 20, and the ratio reflected to damage will be lower.

Other status indexes such as defense will also have the same adjustment.

How to join a guild?

Go on an expedition to Hedeby City and visit the Temple. At the Temple, you can create your own guild or send requests to join other guilds.



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