Einherjar Guide: Bloodlimits and Jobs

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In Einherjar, each job has its own advantage and disadvantage. Wanna get a best character? Just check this guide below. Thanks soluuloi who shared it on Official Forum.


Brunhilde: slightly increases hp, str and def. Your first lord and Bridget has this blood.
Suits for: any melee fighter that need extra str. Most of the time, character that has this blood will be a little tougher than the others.

Gehilde: increases hp and luck.
Suits for: sister and elf who need to be alive as long as possible in a battle and in elf case, is to spam skill. Dark Elf's devastating DoubleCasting skill is based on luck. Later, all of your characters need high luck as well. So having a Gehilde blood melee fighter is not a bad ideal for you can use him to mate and get a high hp, high luck kid who can deal serious damage.

Ortlinde: slightly increases hp, tech and int.
Suits for: Elf. Cast rating also based on tech. This blood assures that your elf will deal good damage and rarely miss. It also provides a little hp that is so precious for Elf.

Waltroute: slightly increases str, agi and luck
Suits for: aggressive melee attackers like Archer, Sword fighter. Character that has this blood usually has low hp and def which is bad for most melee fighters but it suits archer well as archer is hungry for damage, dodging and luck. For Sword fighter, this blood gives both str and luck which Sword fighter usually lacks. Sword Master with this blood can become bloody killer.

Schwertlelte: slightly increases int, agi and def
Suits for: elf and sister. While Ortlinde blood elf is strong against magical attack. Schwertlelt blood elf can survive better against physical attack, mostly against archer who can usually 1 hit kill most elf.

Helmwige: slightly increases int, hp and luck
Suits for: elf and sister.

Siegrune: slightly increases hp, increases agi and tech
Suits for: sword fighter, archer and other melee fighters who need more accuracy like axe. Character that has this blood can both hits and dodges. An Axe fighter with this blood will hit more often and Sword fighter with this blood can hit even more often and usually last longer than the others. Elf with this blood is also good, you can mate him with other elve to have a dodging machine.

Grimgerde: increases def and hp, slightly increases agi
Suits for: tanker. They usually have low str and cant hit as well as the others but they can take a lot of damages. Axe Guard, Spear Guard and Sword Guard gonna love this blood. Or if your kid already have high str but need more def, it's fine too.

Rossweisse: slighty increases hp, agi and tech
Suits for: Tanker. They arent as tough as Grimgerde blood characters but can hit more.

But bloodlimit is not the most important. As good character is a character with high stats, blood that suits his job and skills.



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