EDragon Tips: Fighting

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Here are some Tips in Fight, which was collected from Official Website, It may help you.

1.There is a potential hit of 95% for everyone in the game.

If you have a dodge of 30% and the opponent has a hit of 0%, then the actually hit rate of the opponent is 0% + 95% - 30% = 65%, this means in 10 attacks he hits definitely 6 times and 50% chance for the 7th hit.

2.For the duel between the two of the same class, which means they are of the same attack speed, the system determines randomly who is the first to attack in each turn.

3.There is no universally powerful skill to defeat all the opponent, the value of the skill depends on the situation and the skill using by the opponent.

4.Two weapon gems, weapon attack +x and attack +x%, which contributes more power to you?

In most occasions when the level of the character is lower than 100;

For the daggers, attack +x contributes more than attack +x%.

For swords, attack +x contributes more than attack +x%.

For pikes, attack +x% contributes more than attack +x only in high level.

5. The category of the swords is a little bit differnent from other two categories of weapon.

Below level 84, there are two kinds of sword for each 3 levels, one you can find with the attribute of max hp +x% and the other with the attribute of max mp +x%.

6.Dps ignores the defense while damage rebound is affected by the defense.

7.About the attributes on the equipment, the hit is universally important for all the classes. And you may find lower hit in heavy armor than in medium armor and light armor.

Max hp + x% is universally important for all the classes, which you can not miss on the necklace and the ring, both pike and sword have the attribute of max hp +x% while dagger doesn't.

Max hp + xx contributes less than constitution +xx when the character improves in the level.

The critial is important for two pikes and assassin, and you may find higher critical in heavy armor and light armor than in medium armor.

The breaking is a most efficient attribute to fight against heavy-armored classes, and you may find higher breaking in light armor than the other two armors.



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