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Here are some general FAQ in eDragon collected from Official Forum which players might need:

Importance of Runes:

Runes are be obtained by doing instances at;

  • Magic Eye Tribe
  • Befallen Relics
  • The Lost Temple
  • Cave of deep thought
  • Crescent bay
  • Coach Castle

Runes are used to activate red euipment. The number and type of runes required will be indicated by the item.

The Use of Fragments:

Fragments can be traded through the barter system. They are important items to activate Gold (Yellow) equipment. They turn dusty equipment to Gold equipment.

The first instance where fragments are used is at Cave of deep thought.

You will need 9 fragments in order to be able to make Gold equipment, and thus match it according the weight of your gear in terms of light, medium or heavy.

Note: You need to have all 9 fragments and the dusty equipment in your bag when you finish the instance in order to be able to exchange them for the Gold equipment. Don’t leave them in the warehouse; you won’t be able to get it. And more important, you need to talk to the character after the instance to exchange it, DON’T CLOSE THE INSTANCE WINDOW. I did those mistakes, lol!


Tips on where are those Good Equipment:

  • Good (if not great) number of armor and nice one too drop during quest, Instances and Exercises. They more of those things you do, the more chances to get worthy armor.
  • Dungeon Hunter – This is a great place as this is where you will get Great and famous, Elite Gold Armor.

However, it is not guaranteed at 100% and it is very expensive.

But running here, you get pretty cool and lots of other items too such as Dragon balls, coins, regular equipment, etc.

Note: All equipment obtained in Dungeon Hunter cannot be traded. Therefore, you will need to do that a lot actually to get what you really want or can use.

The Meaning of the Equipment colors:

White Equipment - Standard equipment. No additional attributes are obtained by your character with this equipment.

Green - Gives 1 attribute to your character. (Hit, dodge, crit, etc)

Blue - Gives 2 different attributes to your character. You are able to reset the attributes by using Aerinite.

Purple - Gives 3 different attributes to your character. You are able to reset the attributes by using Amethyst.

Red –Special Equipments.

  • Red equipments are special items and are obtained in some quests and Instances.
  • They need to be unlocked by adding Runes to them, which are also obtained in the instances.
  • The attributes are predetermined and can not be changed.

Gold (Set) – Gold Equipment generally gives 3 attributes individually, plus when you stack them they gives effects. So if you have 2 items on the 2-effect will be activated, if you have 5 items, the 5-effect will be activated and 7 items will get you the 7-effect.

This is why they are very difficult to obtain.

They can be obtained by doing higher level of instance or at Dungeon Hunter.

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Dusty Equipment:

Collect the dusty equipments at the Cave of Deep thought in order to exchange them together with 9 fragments after completing Cave of Deep Thought by talking to the character at the end of the instance.

Importance of Dragon Balls:

This is not Dragon Ball Z where you will summon a dragon to grant you a wish by using 7 dragon balls.

Dragon Balls are used to enhance your Pets.

How to do that?

  • Click on the Pet : Enhance button on at the top of the screen
  • Click Enhance next to Dragon Balls

Or you can click on the Pet button, click Train and then enhance.

How to Team Up for Instance?

  • You need to be at least lv17.
  • Enter the Magic Eye Tribe in the common land, the click on the icon showing it to enter.
  • Click “Enter Magic Eye (1)”, you will enter the gate. Note, on entering the gate, your energy will drop by 10. Next entering cost 10 gold.
  • Below the Attack Button, click “Open player list to team up”
  • Click on the icon on right to add some players nearby to your team.
  • Click the icons following the teammates to manage them.
  • Click the icon “Quit’ at the bottom right to exit.



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