Dynasty Saga Review

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Dynasty Saga

So we wanted to see if Dynasty Saga is all it's cracked up to be. For those that do not know, Dynasty Saga is a RPG-RTS MMO set in Ancient China. This game promises to have over 72 Soldier Types, 22 Campaigns and a ton of choices to improve your strategy. It also includes a nice city-building scheme where you do not have to choose where to place everything, with a great RPG storyline. It is available on Facebook, and you can also create your own character here.

Dynasty Saga

Upon entering the game the choices were abundant, with 8 starter Heroes to choose from. After choosing my Hero I was able to lay the smack down on some on some Yellow Turbans and then choose one of 5 Castles. With the aid of my Hero, and the tutorial, I was off to a good start.

The Battles were fast paced and graphics were clean and sharp. There was even an option to turn off some of the graphics for users with slow computers or internet connections. I was especially impressed with the how the maps became more beautiful the more you progressed in the game. Also the world view felt like I was looking down on Ancient China.

Dynasty Saga Screenshot

The game play showed us its true strategy nature as each army had its own uniqueness. Whether you are fighting other players for Prestige or you are conquering China in Campaign mode, you must use the correct Heroes, put them in a proper formation and have the best gear. The game also offered great large scale PVP in battles between cities and guilds. There is also large scale PVE with Legion Battles, which offered some great gear drops I might add.

Dynasty Saga seems to be a template for all the games of this genre and with its latest update they seemed to have raised the bar once again. With its new CD system this game feels faster than any of those out there, they have also added new maps, Enchanting and Mentor Masters which allows your Hero to train alongside special Mentors.

Finally I was able to purchase some Gold and VIP features. Although it certainly does give an advantage, I noticed that the contrast between VIP and Non-VIP users was minimal. I am looking forward to seeing future updates with this game and for now it is on my playlist.



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