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Dynasty Chronicles

All heroes dream of being the victor of the battlefield. Here, your sword is the nightmare of those rebellious warlords. Time flies fast: I have already been in the game with other heroes for 3 months. Please pardon me for my artless writing.

I. [As a Novice]

Passing through the Hexi Corridor and climbing over the Qinling Mountains, you enter the battlefield of Dynasty Chronicles, driven by the desire of becoming a conqueror. A recommendation for your first week: develop for your quest! It is better for you to end your Novice Protection in one or two days and try your best to accumulate your Favor points in the early days. So we suggest you build a Subcity when you have 5 generals, not 4. This ensures that you will not waste time on an extra process in the quest queue. The aim of building a Subcity is to upgrade your resources and Vault (a must for protecting your resources from being robbed by others so you will not be distracted.) As for non-paying players or players paying a small amount of money, you had better leave the Speedup Tokens and other tokens for the crucial moment. Pay-for-play players can use tokens at your own will.

II. [Country Development]

Country Development determines whether you can win the war. All warfare SLGs are common in this point. Your development should attach equal importance to both material and spiritual cultivation. In your Home Town, you should develop a high-level Mansion and farmland. It does not matter if the Wood and Mines are comparatively low. (Wood for the Home Town comes from the Subcities, other IDs or Booties. A single town can only develop 3 aspects. Unfortunately you win some and you lose some.) Technology includes Country Tech and Military Tech. You had better develop them in your subcities to ensure that your Home Town can develop the farmland, storage, academe, mansion and hospital. It is necessary that at least three towns can send out White Horse soldiers. Whether you are Defender or Attacker, without a Vault, your loss in war will be great!

III. [General Assignment]

A country cannot be without a King; an army cannot be without generals. Generals play an important role in the warfare system of Dynasty Chronicles. Without generals, you cannot conquer, support or rob. Defense and attack also rely on generals to a great extent. When your general is Idle, you can assign him/her to Practice to increase resources for your town. To a certain extent, the competition of military forces is the same as competition of generals. You can try to transform your generals into all kinds of recorded generals with a Renaming Card. Generals are classified into White, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange according to their quality. You can add 3 attribute points to a Lvl 1 Green General, Blue 4 points, Purple and Orange 5 points. Generals of the same quality are classified into 5 types including Warrior, Counselor, Commander, Country General and Balancer. With such detailed classification, you have more choices and your generals will have chances to show their abilities. Now, I have 10 generals assigned as follows: in Home town, 3 generals (Politics attribute), 1 general (Leadership attribute) waiting for orders to rob or practice; in Subcity, 2 generals assigned to be Chief Commander (Politics attribute), 3 generals (Wisdom attribute), 1 general (Military attribute) responsible for some short term Country quests or Tech. (In PK, accelerating recruitment by adding Valor points may gain an advantage for you.) I do not want to consider the Balancer for now!

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IV. [Diplomatic Policy]

I always hold high the great banner of Peace, Development and Cooperation and insist on independent and peaceful diplomatic policy, maintaining a calm and friendly disposition. (Never provoke or spy on your neighbors who are more powerful than you. If you do, you will make great enemies for yourself and risk being robbed! Being impulsive brings trouble!). When you are attacked, protect your resources from being robbed. It is quite necessary for you to join an active Legion. Your friends will help you when you are in danger. If your enemy is really too powerful , you can communicate with him/her directly or seek contact through Legions. The one who launches the attack should have a good reason. Otherwise, how can you start a war in the name of justice?

V. [Military Development]

Because of the resource crisis, the world becomes more and more dangerous! Peace and development is our only wish. The military force can ensure our safety, reinforce our power and protect our resources from being robbedMilitary is vital to our life. In Military Tech and Units, I prefer White Horse (Horse Archery) and Brave Cavalry (Light Cavalry). The attack speed of the units depends on the Movement. Units` Movement from high to low (based on the original state): Light Cavalry (original speed 140), Horse Archer (original speed 120), Heavy Cavalry (original speed 100), Archer (original speed 70), Halberdier (original speed 60), Armored Soldier (original speed 50). So, units` attack speed depends on this sequence. Only Horse Archer`s Cruise and Light Cavalry`s Light Equipment can increase Movement. The faster the speed is, the more advantages the units have. You should upgrade these two technologies.

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