Dungeon Assault Review:

Date: Feb 10 2010 09:11:08 Source: http://orbmore.com/forum/topic/1338-dungeon-assault-review/
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Dungeon Assault

Dungeon Assault is a perpetual strategy Multi-player game. This review analyses the game through the gameplay, replay value, achievements, music & sounds and graphics.

Dungeon Assault Review

By Sir Tgs on orbmore forum


The gameplay of Dungeon Assault is pretty simple to start off with, but with practice you can devise better strategies which does add to the fun. You pick some raiders. You pick a target dungeon. You try and raid it. You succeed or you don't. But that's pretty much it. Of course, there are many ways to go about raiding a dungeon and how you choose your target dungeon, but as you're likely to choose the same criteria each time it will get repetitive. The actual gameplay can also be very repetitive depending upon what you're doing hence I can't give it any more than 3/5. Having said that, it's not too bad. Even the most simple looking dungeon can throw up suprises every now and again by, for example, sending you on a massive detour, or having a powerful raider fail a simple obstacle - so it's not completely monotonous drudgery.


Replay Value

There is some replay value. As you progress further you can build a better dungeon and buy better raiders so there is an incneitve to do quite a few raids. However, the new rooms and raiders run out far before you get anywhere near the top end of the game. I'm sure that there are people who quite happily load Dungeon Assault up for an hour or so each week to have fun, but i don't think it's the kind of game that will have people hooked for hours on end - unless of course they're achievement hunting, so again 3/5 as the initial replay value dries up quite quickly.



This game has a LOT of achievements. The vast majority of them are easy and most people should have no problem completing them. There are many examples of graduated achievements, i.e. longer versions of previous achievements, which does add somewhat to the replay value. This game also has quite a few career achievements, which did cause quite a stir when they were released - particularly Achievement: Creature of Habit which takes a minimum of one year to obtain…


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Dungeon Assault

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