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Dungeon Empires

Dungeon Empires is a free-to-play 3D-browser game, with a unique blend of vast dungeon-building features and intense turn-based battles. The life of a dungeon master is tough: rooms and traps must be placed wisely and monsters should be kept well-trained. Treasure seekers venturing into your dungeon must not make it out alive! The more foes fall, the more famous your dungeon becomes. The more dungeons you plunder, the more items you will get to make your own even more deadly.

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The creation of the Dungeon Empires

A long time ago the gods of the elements of fire, water, light and darkness ruled together in harmony and unison.

But the gods became vain and grew jealous of each other, and soon the balance between the elements was destroyed.

The gods turned against one another as each longed to be the most powerful.

Each time one seemed to be gaining the upper hand…

…the others united against him. Thus the balance between the elements was continually rebuilt.

When they grew weary of this eternal discord they created a dungeon world in which they could determine, for once and for all, which element was strongest.

Driven by their desire to rule, they ultimately destroyed each other in a catastrophic battle of epic proportions.

All that remained was the dungeon world: The Dungeon Empires… surrounded by the elements and fragments of the former rulers… inhabited by creatures from ancient worlds.

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What awaits you?

In Dungeon Empires you build your own dungeon and watch as one bold hero after the other meets their doom. You also get to head out to conquer other players’ dungeons and plunder them for valuable treasure! All this takes place right in your browser in highly-detailed 3D graphics!

The life of a dungeon manager is tough: Traps need to be placed well and monsters should to be kept entertained and well-trained. Those treasure seekers that venture into the dungeon must not make it out alive. Only then will you, the master of this underground lair, get any gold, equipment or experience. The more heroes fall, the more famous your dungeon becomes. But beware: If your dungeon gets plundered, it will lose fame!

You’re ready to head out into the world? You need a change of scenery? No problem! Head out and conquer the dungeons of other masters. In turn-based battles you’ll take on hordes of monsters, plunder treasure and gather experience.

Dungeon Empires Screenshots


  • Build your own dungeon and challenge your friends!
  • Conjure and train mighty monsters!
  • Take part in intense turn-based battles!
  • Create and train your own hero!
  • Team up with friend to plunder enemy dungeons!
  • Highly-detailed 3D graphics right in your browser!



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