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Dungeon Blitz

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Dungeon Blitz is a new side-scroller meets MMO from Blue Mammoth Games. This free-to-play, browser-based Flash game is reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. crossed with World of Warcraft. You can play for five minutes or five hours at a stretch – it’s entirely up to you. I’m sure there’s some sort of story and character development in this game but it gets lost in the repetitiveness of gameplay.

The mechanics of the game are simple. Just like Super Mario Bros. The selling point of Dungeon Blitz, for me, is the ability to play full experiences in short bursts of time. You can get through a “dungeon” in 10 minutes solo instead of the two hours and five players to get through a WoW instance. When you finish a dungeon, you get a rating on a 5-star scale and a rank number so you can compare how you did against the scores of other players. There’s no death penalty that I’ve discovered, other than lower instance scores. Hardcore gamers might like the change of pace, and casual players will have no problems acclimating to this RPG.

Your character collects gold, XP and crafting materials from kills and quest completion. Town vendors and trainers provide gear and skills to help your toon face increasingly tougher opponents. Each zone’s trainer will provide skills useful to that area. Most will offer some sort of +damage to creature types you’ll face, +resist to attacks from the monsters in the zone and increased gold and/or item drops. Some gear drops from mobs and bosses, and each zone of the map contains specific loot.

Unlike other games, you only collect gear that can be equipped by your class. You won’t need to worry about being cluttered with items you can’t use. Some of the gear has bonus stats, but to get any real benefit you’ll need to upgrade each item with gems you craft. There’s also a “home” where you grow Dragonore (“dragon ore”) in a garden and use them to combine the crafting materials you collect into socket gems. You get one free crystal garden. If you wish to grow more crystals you can purchase Mammoth Idols, the virtual currency for Dungeon Blitz. The Dragonore is also used to upgrade your weapons as you level up in the game and depletes quickly if you’re playing every day.

This is definitely NOT a “pay to win” game. Mammoth Idols can be purchased via PayPal (or Facebook Credits if connected via Facebook) and are used to purchase scrolls, pets, mounts, crystal gardens, Dragonore and character slots. The scrolls provide week-long buffs to drop rates of gold, craft items and gear or bonuses to XP and recovery time. There’s no real reason to buy any of this unless you want to provide financial support for the game developers.

The major issues with this game are the repetitive mobs and maps that don’t provide much variety in gameplay. You can give jackals, ghosts and skeletons new skin but it’s the same action/quest ad infinitum. It’s more casual than hardcore raiders would likely be interested in, but still worth a quick look. I don’t think there’s enough difference in the classes and storyline to have much of a replay hook. I look for excitement and freshness in the games I play, and Dungeon Blitz feels like more of a chore than anything else. You rarely pull aggro when running by mobs on the road, dungeon maps just repeat the same mobs and layouts and there are no skill trees or other mechanics to really differentiate your character and attack style from the other players in the game. If that sort of mindless, repetitive action is your zen then by all means check it out. If your time is precious, you can probably skip it.

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