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Dragon's Wrath:

[Chapter one: Black Dragon Epoch]

To most of the creatures on this planet, this day was as common as another day. The peasants were working in the fields; the children were playing together. Everything was calm and peaceful till that moment came……

Nobody knew what happened in that moment. Even the most learned mage could not resist the power of the sudden explosion. Everything was quiet and still, as if time had stopped at that moment. Crack! The sound broke the silence.

“Crack......” after a few seconds, the sound came again. This time, it woke up every creatures. People rushed out of their house; the lion freed the antelope under its feet; the hawk and the sparrow stood on a same branch peacefully; the vendor left his stall; the butcher laid down the knife; although none of them knew what happened, they were gazing in the same direction……

“Crack, crack, crack ——“ the sound came one after another, “Walla-walla——” came after the crack.

A giant crack appeared in the sky under hundreds of millions of creatures’ stare. Soon after that, a flaming black dragon broke the sky and came to the world! From that moment, the fate of mankind was linked to all volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes and plagues. The world was covered with great darkness and chaos.

This came to be known as the Black Dragon Era.

[Chapter two: Dragon Invasion]

Dovalan Continent, in ancient Heberyan language means sanctuary.

The Lowman Empire, located in the mid-east of Dovalan Continent, is the most powerful empire on this continent. Heberyan is a tributary to the Lowman Empire. The mountain country - Wendell Federation and sea country - Atlante are in the south and north of the continent, and both are enemies of Lowman Empire. The Kingdom of Qin is a mysterious empire in the east of Dovalan Continent. Although this kingdom is big and powerful, it is never in favor of wars and rarely communicates with other western countries.

Since the Black Dragon epoch, that giant black dragon has not been seen again. But, there are more and more dragons revealing themselves from the crack in the sky. The crack heals itself with time, but the nightmare is still far from its end.

Year 01 - Black Dragon Era (AD 728): “The King of Spar and Earth”, Dragon Ferric and its troop invaded the eastern border of the Lowman Empire in Reina. The evil dragon turned the local people into their half-man and half-dragon puppet. At that point, humans started to realize that the dragons have a high degree of wisdom and power. They were brutal and cunning. If humans did nothing to stop them, humans would become slaves.

Year 03 - Black Dragon Era (AD 730): The new federation leader Elros revealed his identity, “The King of Thunder and Wind” and stressed the Dragons’ control over Wendell. At this moment, humans realized that the dragon had been deceiving them and could transform into human form. They surrounded the federal parliament, but they found they were confronting an army of half-human and half-dragon soldiers. The capital city of Wendell was destroyed during this war. One year later, Elros ordered millions of people to build the City of Sky.

Year 04, Black Dragon Era (AD 731): “The King of Tide and Water”, Tachibana launched a plot to take control of St. Lahr Mountain. In October of the same year, people in Atlante were forced to change their religion to Tachibana, instead of worshiping gods. They were forced to worship the water element.

Year 05 - Black Dragon Era (AD 732): the mysterious oriental Kingdom of Qin formed an alliance with the Dragon. Qin XXXII knighted Constantine, “The King of Bronze and Fire”, and gave himself the name “Lee Si”. In March of the same year, he was prompted to prime minister to help the king to deal with government affairs. That May, the King listened to Lee’s suggestion of building a great wall to connect the east and the west. After three years, the great wall was finally completed. Lee started to expel the foreign envoys and cut off the Qin Empire from the outside world.

[Chapter three——Last Hope]

Let’s speed up the development and speed of our world!

Up till year 19 - Black Dragon Era: The Dragon controlled nearly all of the territories that the humans once owned. Only the westernmost part of the continent, Heberyan Pack was still free of the Dragon. The Dragon didn’t produce anything, but they forced humans to work for them and expanded the military by recruiting young humans. Meanwhile, they never stopped plundering other lands.

In June of the same year, “The King of Spar and Earth”, Ferric led his troops and attacked the last lands of the humans. Heberyan had urgently summoned the mercenaries and the brave warriors to fight against the dragon. The human troop was then formed and led by General Warfield. Soon, the war between human and the dragon broke out in a border town named Sunderland. Facing the cunning dragon knights, Heberyan finally decided to send their ultimate force to the battlefield —— And this is where our great story begins!



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