Dragon's Wrath Guide: Guild Conquest

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(1) Guild Conquest Introduction:

Dragon’s Wrath guild conquest takes the guild as one unit. Guilds will fight against each other until the winner is selected. The winner can be rewarded with a great PVP event. All participants can be rewarded Silver, Cash Gifts and Guild Contribution; The winning guild can be rewarded a different number of Guild Packs and Guild EXP based on their rankings.

Players can apply for joining the Guild Conquest at 20:00 every day. The Guild

Conquest starts at 21:00.

Guild Pack: After use it, players can receive a corresponding material with the best quality at random.

(2) Guild Conquest Application:

When the application time starts, click Guild Event icon or Join Team Battle button to open the Guild Conquest interface. Any guild members that Join the Battle is considered as joining the battle in this guild.

When the Guild Conquest starts,players need to select the Enter button to enter  the battling field in the first 60 seconds of the match start. If players fail to enter  within the first 60 seconds, they will observe and will be unable to battle.

(3) Battle Mode:

After players have entered the battling list (enter the battling field within 60s), they will start the competition based on their entrance sequences. Players will keep battling until the last guild member dies or they die. Players won’t recover HP when a new player appears.

When all members of one guild are killed, this guild will be considered as a losing side. While the winning side will get promoted and enter the next elimination match.



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