Dragon's Call Review by Jason Van Horn

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Dragon's Call

By Jason Van Horn from

Dragon's Call is one of the most features packed browser-based MMORPGs on the market. I've played a lot of them and while there are a few that are downright terrible, most of them are marginal at best, but lack the overall draw and staying power of 3D subscription-based or free-to-play releases. While Dragon's Call does have its limitations, it's generally in areas that can be forgiven (or at least overlooked to an extent), as the gameplay and crafting/enhancement systems more than make up for them.

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One thing that might surprise players is that Dragon's Call actually has a ton of quests, which actually have story and narrative attached to them; you're still going out and killing a certain number of enemies, but the game at least throws you a narrative bone and reason for doing so unlike some other browser-based games. The game actually plays a lot like regular MMORPGs, though you won't be wandering around lost looking for quests, as enemies are all assigned to designated areas and the world is a series of landmarks you can click in order to go there; once you're there you can then see what enemy types are there and what their level is. During the initial hours of the game, everything is extremely streamlined and new user friendly, as you can instantly click track to go to wherever the enemy mob is that you need to fight, and you can instantly teleport to the NPC quest giver after it's over with a mere click of the button too. Teleporting is free, but once a certain point is reached it then costs about 1K in gold to use the feature, which isn't bad considering money isn't all that needed or hard to get in the beginning.

If you don't want to worry about meeting death on the battlefield or using up a lot of health potions to heal yourself, you can also earn experience and gold by taking on a job, which acts much like the auto-battle system. You choose from one of the stores to work at, setting how long you want to spend doing that activity, and then you'll get gold or experience rewards depending on which job you chose (some jobs offer higher chances at gold rewards while others more experience based).

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Once you start finding powerful pieces, however, then you can get crafting and enhancing in order to make them even more powerful. You can refine equipment, purify it, embed it, decompose it, and much more; it's quite staggering how many options there are. You'll need to spend money and special gems and stones in order to improve a piece, and there's never a guarantee that you won't hurt the equipment and fail, so you'll need to use these secondary currencies in order to improve your chances so you don't lose everything. If you gamble and it all pays off, you not only have a strong piece of equipment, but the game will even broadcast to the other gamers that you managed to reach an especially high item upgrade number.

Dragon's Call has a few big flaws, but it's still one of the most fully realized browser-based MMORPGs that I've played to date. If you're looking for a MMORPG you can play wherever you go (as long as you have the Internet) then Dragon's Call is definitely a game to give a shot. I had fun playing the game and plan to spend more time on my character.

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