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The Treasure of Dragon King system in Dragon's call is a new lottery system in Dragon's call 2. Players use Dragon Gold to explore in the treasury then gain big reward.

This system is one of the main few ways to obtain gems early on. It will release after we passed the story line instance "Guardian's Valley(7)".

Dragon's Call Screenshot

The System Interface

Dragon's Call Screenshot

"Transformation is one of the features we're most excited about", says Ivy Chen, IceGames PR Manager, "Players love Dragon's Call because it lets them play as their favourite Naruto characters, but why just restrict them to one? Letting players transform mid-game gives more options, more tactics, and a lot more fun!"

Transformation is level-based, with more characters available for quick-switching every time it is upgraded. Players upgrade their Transformation ability by earning Transformation Power Points, which are available by winning events, exploring the Transform Power options, and in the in-game shop. Transformation also upgrades automatically whenever it's EXP bar is filled.

Dragon's Call Screenshot

Treasury Update

The items in the treasury will be updated on 00:00 every day and before the updating, the items can’t be changed.



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