Gorzt Reveals How to Acquire Gold in Dragon's Call II

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Dragon's Call II from Gorzt already attracted legions of players across the globe since it was released on Facebook. Here, the game publisher Gorzt was willing to share some tips about how to acquire more Gold in game.

As the main currency in Dragon's Call II, Gold can be mainly spent in refining equipment, divination, training character, besetting weapon, inviting pals, creating guilds, buying items from NPCs and others. The consumption of Gold directly decides a character's equipment grade, stat promotion, pals' battle power and players' interaction as well.

Dragon's Call II

Players in Dragon's Call II may receive tons of Gold from the following methods.

Sweep: After players pass through an instance once, they can sweep the target instance to gain tons of Exp, Gold and abundant crafting materials.

Ring Escort: Players have 3 chances to escort a target to the destination and get the final rewards each day. The target that players escort determines the maximum rewards they can win.

Daily Salary: Claim the Daily Salary to gain Gold according to the character's level.

Hand of Midas: Spend 2 Dragon Gold in claiming abundant Gold each day. A higher level character can receive more Gold while a higher level VIP can use Hand of Midas more times each day.

Daily Event Rewards: Accomplish various daily events to earn tons of Gold.

Arena Rewards: Seize a place on Arena's ranking to receive tons of Gold. The higher, the merrier.

World Bosses: Kill world bosses to earn tons of Gold.

Sell Items: Sell the spare items to NPCs for certain Gold.

Exchange Medals: Exchange medals for Gold.

Dragon's Call II is a side-scrolling turn-based 2D MMORPG brought by Gorzt. Free to play forever. Players are able to enjoy a rich variety of splendid combat modes and skills. In addition, they can invite in-game NPCs or powerful Bosses to participate in battles when they stumble across the monsters and creatures. Together with various featured systems, humanistic storylines, thrilling elite instances and miscellaneous gameplay, Dragon's Call II could demonstrate a totally different and terrific game world into which players will sink their teeth.



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