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Dragon's Call

Class Promotions:

All classes can be promoted to a higher rank. After promotion, players can learn more advanced skills and wear equipment exclusive for promoted classes.

When players reach level 80 and complete quests according to the system prompt, their class promotion will be done. Each class has two promoted classes:

Warrior: Berserk Warlord  Berserk Warlord  > Shield Knight Shield Knight
Mage: Storm Envoy Storm Envoy >  Flame Overlord Flame Overlord
Assassin: Shadow Master   Shadow Master  > Toxic King Toxic King 

The procedure of achieving a promoted class:
1. After reaching level 80, players can go to find Whilar the Elder in Willshire and claim a quest regarding to class promotion.
Dragon's Call
2. Find and talk to Spirit of Quillas in Breeze Vale Altar.

3. Accept training quests which are different for different classes.

Dragon's Call

4. Do training quests which are classified into three types: gathering, letter delivery and monster killing.

5. Complete training quests and then get back to Spirit of Quillas to accept promoted class quests.

Dragon's Call

6. Different promoted class quests will be given in accordance with the promoted class players choose.

Dragon's Call

7. After the promoted class quests are completed, hand over quest items to Spirit of Quillas to exchange for the sacred weapon which is a must to defeat the ultimate Boss.

8. Equip the sacred weapon and activate the epic quest at Spirit of Quillas. After that, players will be teleported to an isolated scene and get ready to fight against the ultimate Boss.

9. Players will succeed in class promotion when the ultimate Boss is killed, but the sacred weapon will be retrieved by Spirit of Quillas.

If only players complete the above 9 steps, their class promotion will be successful. From then, they can feel the strong power of a promoted class and heartily enjoy the thrill of killing monsters easily.

However, what should players do if the sacred weapon is damaged carelessly during the quest period? Don’t worry, they can pay Spirit of Quillas some gold for a new one. Furthermore, they can spend some Dragon Gold in resetting the promoted class info with the help of Spirit of Quillas, if they don’t like their promoted class. In the meantime, the system will automatically reset the skill points and stat points which have been used after promotion.

Dragon's Call

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