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By Integra from Official Forum

In Dragon's Call II, Talent Guide is useful for adding character stats and also PALS like on the POTIONS, but the difference of that you need "HONOR" to spend that talent skill to level that you want to upgrade and for POTIONS you need a recipe to combine that items. This Guide its help you how to build your character against on other class. If you have talent like dancing,singing and the others to show them what you learn. From now what i learn. i will teach you guys how to use talent on step by step.

Step 1: You need to level 9 to unlocked "TALENT" icon but you need to finish the "Storyline: Element's Anomaly".

Dragon's Call II Screenshot

Step 2: View Details to check the character stats.

Dragon's Call II Screenshot

Step 3: Physical Attack-the normal damage that inflicts to your opponent. Now, you already have level 18 Physical Attack and want it to upgrade but you read first the requirements before you upgrade that talent.Where can i get "HONOR" that's a good question, Do your Daily Quest or Guide its unlocked on level 19, Sweeping to get honor in normal instances its unlocked on level 21, Guild Event and also do your Adventure its unlocked on level 29.

Dragon's Call II Screenshot

Step 4: Now check that character stats it gives 10 bonus physical attack and to upgrade it you need to lvl 20 your character and "HONOR".

Dragon's Call II Screenshot

TIPS: If you dont want to upgrade talent, time to inspire on BOSS event and DeathMatch Event to gain gold and reputation.



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