Dragon's Call II Guide: Dragon Hunter

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In Dragon's Call II, the "Dragon Hunter" system is providing players with some fun and the opportunity to win rewards. Players can click on the icon Dragon's Call II Screenshot on top of the screen to access the "Dragon Hunter" system to join the hunting, after completing the instance 'Death Valley(3)'.

There are 6 card decks. Each deck includes 1 golden card and 5 common cards. You can either manually or automatically draw a card in each deck. With more golden cards, you will win more points. But common cards will also earn you points. Each time you get more than one golden card, you'll be granted a chance to use the "Reverse" function to change the result of your next card-turning. When you get 4, 5 or 6 golden cards at one time, a system prompt will make it public which may gratify your vanity to some extent. Each day you can draw 10 cards and use "Reverse"9 times for free.

Dragon's Call II Screenshot

Dragon's Call II Screenshot

When you have used up the opportunities to boost your luck for free, you can spend Dragon Gold boosting your luck to get better cards. It will cost you 10 Dragon Gold for the first time. Later on, it will cost you 5 more Dragon Gold each time.



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