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This guide is made by Avaen from Official Forum, which is about how the combat works and what do you need to properly setup a competitive group in Dragon's Call II. In fact, with some practice, the whole combat system becomes relatively simple and intuitive. If you have any question about it, just check below:

Chapter 1: Pales (Companions)

Well, you can't have a group without companions (or "pals" as they are described in game). They will fight with and for you. Regardless of your main character's strength, you can't advance and be competitive in DCII without these guys.

The first pal, Destiny Hunter, will join your group during the very first levels, after you complete the first phase of the main quest - the introduction. Destiny Hunter is a decent companion for low level players but you will definitely change him around level 20. Unlocking the next companions is a little bit more difficult as they requires reputation. The more reputation you have, the better pals you can recruit. You can obtain reputation from various sources: killing mobs, arena, world boss, death match, adventure.

Dragon's Call II Screenshot

Click "Invite" to recruit a pal. Please note that recruiting Pals also costs gold. The better they are, the more gold they cost. Also, as stated above, they also require reputation but they won't consume the reputation you have. Running your mouse over a pal will reveal some useful information like: price, class (extremely important in setting up a balanced group), finishing attack (his special skill) and combat stats.

Note: Combat stats can be improved by leveling your companion, by training him or by giving him potions.

CHAPTER 2: Setting up the formation

To set up the group, first you must open the formation screen by pressing "E" or by clicking on the formation icon as showed in the image below.

Dragon's Call II Screenshot

The formation screen will show you everything you need to know about your group: their position on the "battlefield," the attack order, and the active and passive combatants. On the left side of the screen (see the image below), you can find the "inactive" pals. That means you have recruited them, but they will not take part in the combat. There is a limited number of pals you can have in stand by or in your group.

Dragon's Call II Screenshot

For instance, I have 3 pals in my group (Whilar I, Dick Agne and E.T) that will take part in the combat and another 3 inactive pals (Destiny Hunter, Crazy Nielas and Impaler). You can easily switch between them using drag&drop feature.

CHAPTER 3: Attack order & Party slots

You will start with 2 unlocked slots in your group, one for you and another one for one companion. Additional slots will be unlocked as you level up.

Dragon's Call II Screenshot

LV5: Slot No.4 is unlocked
LV20: Slot No.3 is unlocked
LV30: Slot No.9 is unlocked
LVL55: Slot No.6 is unlocked
LVL65: Slot No.2 is unlocked
LVL75: Slot No.8 is unlocked

Note: The slot number is not the same thing with attack order. To find the attack order, click on "Display attack order" as showed in the image below.

Dragon's Call II Screenshot

As you can see, my Whilar I will attack first, my mage will attack 2nd, Agne will attack 3rd and E.T will have the last attack. However, if one of the companions dies, the attack order will change. For instance, if Whilar I dies, my mage will have the first attack. Sometimes, this can lead to strange situations like having one character/companion performing double attacks. You can also use this feature for more advanced strategies when facing stronger opponents.

When you face mobs (elites included), your group will always have the first attack. When you face other players, the formula for the first attack changes. The first attack is based on the group's attack speed (the perfect indicator for group power). The group with the highest attack speed will have the first attack. The attack speed is directly proportional with your gear level. Each refine level counts as +3 attack speed. Essences are also important and count towards attack speed as well (however I'm not sure about numbers here, so if anyone can whisper me in-game I will update the guide).

The total attack speed is the sum of each group member attack speed. For instance, if my mage has 1200 attack speed, Agne 1000 attack speed, E.T. 900 attack speed and Whilar 900 attack speed, my group total attack speed will be 4000.

CHAPTER 4: The battle

The image below shows a group position during battles.

Dragon's Call II Screenshot

There are several simple rules you need to take into consideration here:

1. Each line will first face the opposite line.

Example: My middle line (Agne and E.T) will first fight the Ogre Guard. They cannot attack other lines until they kill all the enemies in front of them. Some exceptions will apply here. There are several companions with AOE skills that can attack multiple targets in different lines.

2. Cross-line attacks:

-If my middle line dies, the remaining enemies from their middle line can attack my top line. That means my mage will be exposed to attacks from Ogre Guard.

-If bottom line dies, the remaining enemies from their bottom line can attack my middle line. That means my Agne and E.T will be exposed to attacks from Orc Patrol.

-If my middle and my top line die, the remaining enemies from their both lines can attack my bottom line. That means my Whilar I will be exposed to attacks from Orc Patrol.

As you can see, the bottom line is the last to be attacked.

CHAPTER 5: Setup for World Boss

There are some differences when fighting the World Boss. First of all, you won't see the actual battle. However, the battle takes place and the general rules of your group apply. The main difference is how you place your companions. The middle line is attacked first and it will receive the most damage. Place there high defense companions. If you have none, use your worst pal instead to force him absorb the initial damage. The last one to be hit is, again, the bottom line. Place there your high dps pal/character to allow him do the most damage before he dies.

You can switch formations during World Boss, so don't hesitate to try different builds.



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