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Dragon Pals is an exciting and fun massively multiplayer RPG that mixes various elements to make for most entertaining and amusing time. The game combines such elements as role-playing, pet capturing & raising and turn based battles to create an experience that is both familiar, yet at the same time unique. The story takes place in a world once guarded by mighty dragons. One day a great evil tried to take the dragons' power and chaos and destruction ensued. In an attempt to protect the world, the dragons sealed themselves and their power away so that it couldn't be used for evil. Now the player must take control of a chosen hero known as "The Child of Fate" to awaken the dragons and use their strength to restore peace and order to a world in chaos.

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As a matter of fact, Dragon Pals abounds for contents: alchemy & essence offering, friends, special skills, arena, dragon orbs, exercise, farm, demon tower, dragon pets, and single player instances etc. There are just a multitude of them, all of which are designed to enrich and improve your gaming experience. But the actual effect remains to be verified. Here I’d like to further elaborate on the dragon pets and the rest will be left for you to explore in person. Once you free the dragons, they will follow you everywhere and help you in battles. Each dragon possesses some unique skills, which may vary by your role. The abovementioned dragon soul can be used to cultivate and train them and dragon orbs can be used to strengthen them. The game also allows you to customize your dragons’ looks so that they can be unique.


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Sealed away from the world, dragons are the most powerful ally players are able to acquire and await them to unlock their powers. Each dragon has its own set of unique skills; depending on your class some dragons may be more useful than others. The more powerful your dragons are, the greater your own power will be as they increase a character’s battle rating and provide significant stat boosts in battle.

When freeing, raising, training and customising new dragons, they will grow in strength. Dragon orbs may also be used to increase the dragon’s power. The more successful a dragon’s training, the better their base stats will be. While raising their dragon, players will be able to control which attributes they want to strengthen to best suit their battle needs. Dragons may also be morphed, allowing you to directly influence the appearance of your dragon while significantly increasing its battle rating.

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My ONLY issues with this game or its style is.

Its automated – Sometimes this is great and some times its a bust. Great when I am busy, bummer when I am not :)
There is little to no strategy in Guild Battles ( yet, I think as the top 8 guilds get closer to the same BR this could change a little )
There is not Cross Server PvP – This could also change.

For a F2P game of this kind, I would rate it a 7.9/10.0 – with a 1 or 2 of the rumored changes I would not hesitate to rate Dragon Pals a 9.0/10

Hope this helped !



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