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Dragon Pals is a new browser based MMORPG from R2Games. The basis, as the name suggests is players being teamed up with dragons who, with different abilities, will help the chosen see the full potential of their destiny. The premise is unique, but is the game worth checking out?

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Character creation in the game is fairly basic, and not that interesting. The game presents three different base classes for players to choose from; Archer, Mage, and Warrior. After picking your class you're able to pick the gender of your class but not their looks, which I guess bugs me the most, as you're not able to customize your character and end up looking like everyone else in your class/gender, unless you get some of the outfits from the cash shop.

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Combat in the game is rather uninvolved, but just enough to make it seem not completely automated. The combat itself and skill use is automated, as in when the battle starts, you have no involvement. Before that you can setup your skills/passives before the attack to help make the battle progress the way you want, from having certain skills which may focus on one target instead of multiple, doing more damage, or having passives that deal a fair bit of extra damage as well. It offers some way to customize the automated battle and make things a bit more interesting. They also did right by the skills in that regard as you're able to level up all of your skills to the level you want them to be, provided you have the correct level to upgrade them, there doesn't seem to be any limited skill points per level in that regard, which allows you to get everything and set up and prepare your character properly before a fight.

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The dragon system is fairly neat. The dragons, which you unlock as you progress, act as supporting characters that can fight, do supportive skills, and so forth, depending on the pair that you use. They also can change forms which provide their own set bonuses for players to take full advantage of. Unlike pets in most games, these only require dragon flame and your level to be sufficient to level them up. No need to feed them or any of the other stuff that some games use to boost sales in the in-game shop for things that should be inlcuded at NPCs.

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Besides the main attraction, which is the dragons the game also features a host of other features ranging from blitzing dungeons you have already been to, to do automatic runs for you, managing a farm to make extra boost in money and amathysts(game currency), exercising to get AFK experience with the ability to take over rooms for boosts in xp, and a lot of other features that boost your experience and allow you to get items. That means there is a lot of things for you to do in the game, despite it's rather casual gameplay syle. The bad thing is that all of these features take a bit of the screen up and makes it feel a bit too busy at times and is a bit distracting.

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Progression in the game is fairly steady, but does drop a bit after you hit around level thirty, and then you end up needing to grind or aft certain areas in order to get to each of the story missions you need to get up to next to. Which takes the passive pace of the game away and makes leveling start to feel more like a chore at that point, the sudden drop could have been eased into more to make the progression go at a more natural pace and give the game more draw, but the sudden drop from easy going levels to hey you need to grind, can make it out to be more of an annoying task.

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Graphically the game is fairly cute, it looks well done and not rushed, some of the NPC movements are a bit awkward though, like the NPC Duke who looks like he is hyperventalating when he keeps bobbing up and down in a breathing fashion. As for the actual character designs they feel like a mix of 2d and 3d, with heavy inspiration from Anime/Manga, in a good way.

So far the game is pretty good, but some of the executions from the game make it have some major draws, namely in the busy screen to the lack of customization in character creation. Not to mention the sudden drop in leveling pace makes the game lose appeal when it seems a lot more interesting in the start. At the end if feels more like a chore, but for those who manage to stick it through, may find something more.

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I have been playing mmos since about 1999, and haven't stopped since, and I cannot even remember when I started console/pc gaming. I'm an avid gamer who does dive back into the real world from time to time. My all time goal is to start my own business, but that is taking a side step as I am going through college.



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