Dragon Born Review: Does It Measure Up?

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Dragon Born

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Dragon Born Online is KoramGame's latest browser based MMORPG. Now with the recent surge of browser based games quality and content is becoming a key factor in these games development, if it doesn't meet up to peoples standards there is 10 others that can replace it very quickly, however Koram Game is known for releasing fairly large-scale content games very quickly.

I'll jump right in by saying that this game was addictive, to say the least. Even when I wasn't having the most fun in the world, I still felt compulsed to get this quest done, or to quickly use up all my fishing bait, which from a business stand point is a very good thing. The game rewards you simply for coming back day after day and spending x amount of time in-game.

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While the game play was addicting, the graphics aren't the most amazing. It has a very typical art style that you see in too many games and has a very Asian-esque feel to it. This wouldn't be a problem, if they weren't trying to market it as an English game and localization still needs a lot of work so the eastern feel to it can be very alienating at times, but at other times extremely funny. Nit-picking aside the game does a good job at teaching you the basics, it's auto function is great if you want to do other things while questing or if you're at school or work and it has so many features it almost feels like a standard download-MMORPG which is an amazing thing. I found myself with something to do the whole time I was playing, whether it was standard questing, fishing, events or killing people from the other faction. I find myself to get distracted quite a lot and I'll change tab and completely forget it was there but the great thing about Dragon Born Online is they having a training feature so even if you're doing nothing you're gaining exp and character stats.

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I could click to auto do a quest, go grab a drink and come back to it being completed and then happily quest away again. While I find this a convenient, many people feels it makes it TOO easy, as if the game is playing its self, which I might agree a little bit. I saw I had a quest to kill 50 monsters, so I set it to do that and with the auto-heal and auto-mana you get from level chests and cash shop* I managed to make a curry for four and eat it and come back completely fine. This concerns me because I accept that when I hit x level and run out of level up boxes, maybe i'll actually have to play the game, but those who have cash can literally throw it at Koram Game and easy-mode level everything for something others work hard for.

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While this thought proved a little disturbing, the game is a free to play game and games like this need to be funded somehow but that's a complete no-no in my books which was a shame because this game boasts so many features from an extensive guild system to a dungeon finder, things you'd expect to see in a downloadable MMORPG.

If you're looking for a game you can sink a couple of hours into a day and play extremely casually, this is definitely a game you should try out, it's appealing to those completely new to the genre of game and is pretty nice to get the feeling of character progression with the standard grind many have grown to associate the fantasy genre with.

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The game only recently went open so if you join now you won't be that behind, check it out!

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Dragon Born Open Beta Gift Pack Giveaway Event



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