Dragon Born Guide: How to Get and Use A Mount

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Dragon Born

You must be eager to own a mount in Dragon Born, but how much do you know about the mount? Here is a guide about the mount in Dragon Born, hope it can do some help for you.

How to get a mount

In Twilight Valley after you are level 15 you can receive a quest that will bring you to Serah Plains. If you keep following the quest line you will get a permanent, class specific mount. Each mount can evolve into great cooler mounts.

How to use a mount.

First you have to the mount in your backpack or have it equipped already. Simple click X to mount up and dismount. You can also mount up by clicking the picture of the horse in the bottom right hand corner. You will be flying across the map in no time.

What if I lose my mount?

Some mounts have certain times, most class mounts do not. If you need another simply go to the Shalk in Rehling (83,43).



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